Like a Rash… Moral Monday Spreading

First, an obligatory I told you so.

From the Atlanta Progressive News, emphasis added:

(APN) ATLANTA — Since August 19, 2013, a “Moral Monday” movement has been building in Georgia to take back our State government from the interests of corporations and wealthy people.  The Moral Monday Georgia Coalition, which includes people of faith and citizens of Georgia, has been meeting every two weeks to plan for progressive actions during the 2014 Legislative Session.

The group seeks to duplicate the organizing successes of the Moral Monday movement formed in North Carolina in April 2013, which has also focused on opposing repressive and oppressive social policies through protest tactics that have included civil disobedience.

Successful? Yeah, at being arrested and then not wanting to own up to their ‘civil disobedience‘ while taxpayers foot the bill.

Moral Mountain Monday Twitter hashtag is crashed by the ‘Moral Monday Coalition‘.

Hey Look, that Moral Monday Coalition is tied to NC’s Moral Monday… only the news here won’t report on it because well, you know, out of state agitators don’t fit the grassroots, homegrown NC protest narrative. Neither do the socialists in attendance.

The professors now crying about Civitas asking for the work correspondence? Yeah, they’re of course promoted by the media.


The Teamsters want you to know that Anti-ALEC Moral Monday protests have spread

I’ll reiterate again…

Bye Bye To Moral Mondays Already Feeble Legitimacy

Professional agitators, Unions, Social Justice front groups and Occupiers. This is who is aligning themselves with Moral Monday in North Carolina.  Congrats, Moral Monday. You’ve just been co-opted by the organized Left.


Update – Thank you Carolina Plott Hound for Linking!

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  1. Would be hilarious if it were not so sad.


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