Apex Elects NC Justice Center Employee To Town Council

The Town of Apex has elected Moral Monday protester and NC Justice Center Employee Nicole Dozier to one of its town council positions. If you live in the area, you might have seen her purple campaign signs along the roadside. Purple being the color of a non-partisan middle ground between Republican Red and Democrat Blue.  Ms. Dozier is a registered Democrat and is anything but ‘non-partisan’ as I pointed out in October:

NC Justice Center Employee: Nicole Dozier

She works for NC Justice Center and is also tied to Moral Monday as an ‘inside agitator”. See for yourself as her speech at Moral Monday embodies the Blueprint NC attack memo:

It’s all the fault of the NC General Assembly and Pat McCroy.  It has nothing to do with the agenda of NC Justice Center’s Health Access Coalition and their union driven mission to keep Medicaid from being privatized. Her websites “top 4” concerns certainly are the cushy, safe opposite of her rhetoric in the video from Moral Monday.

“I’m telling people, this is not a partisan election,” Dozier says. “As a working mother, I’ve learned that the key to success is balance.” She adds, “Listening to all voices yields better decisions for the town we call home.” – IndyWeek

Balance? Like pretending to be non-partisan when you work for what is arguably one of the most partisan political groups in the state? Listening to all voices? Like the ones in the Moral Monday echo chamber?

Dozier is all about partisanship and going after McCrory on behalf of NC Justice Center using talking points right out of the Blueprint NC attack memo.  Dozier is, of course, all about collecting money from folks through SECC – The State Employees Combined Campaign.  Sure, the SECC has some very legitimate charities, but it also contains a who’s who of Left leaning advocacy groups in North Carolina, including NC Justice Center.  These groups are listed as ‘charities’ at SECC. This funding goes to helping her bosses at NC Justice Center, so that they can continue to ‘cripple and eviscerate’ state leaders who oppose their Leftist agenda.

Have fun with that, Apex.


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