WRAL Report Excludes Obvious NCAE Ties

Well, local media is now on the “Walk In” Story. That’s good and bad.

Here’s the good:

Teachers taking this thing back are getting a forum with parents in their communities to discuss crucial points of interest that impacts them in their specific schools. Take Holly Ridge Elementary for example. They’ve put up their own independent site taking charge and setting the record straight. Holly Ridge apparently heard the criticisms from parents on the original messaging delivery is owning this their way. GOOD. BRAVO!

Here’s the bad:

Per normal, the local outlets are glossing over some of the details in an effort to be expedient. That’s a nice way of saying covering the rear ends of certain involved parties like the NCAE and their “member led” Organize 2020.

Reminder: Send those completed petitions to Larry Nilles, c/o Wake NCAE, 3900 Merton Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27609

WRAL does a nice job of completely excluding that association in this report:

@wral Your Walk In video doesn’t mention clear NCAE Organize2020’s social media involvement. http://t.co/33DZXdbxjC pic.twitter.com/POpJLRpJz7 — LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 2, 2013

@Wral No social media footprint? “We will be working with NCAE, local NCAE affiliates, and the group Organize2020 ” http://t.co/pdGOSKH7Mf

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 2, 2013

This event should belong to and be owned by the teachers who got on board in the first place. WRAL’s video shows a screen grab of the Teacher “Walk Out” site blog page but it’s an archived blog page from September. Why not show the current front page? This is part of what is on the front page.

“We will be working with NCAE, local NCAE affiliates, and the group Organize2020 to schedule events throughout the state of North Carolina.” Source  http://ncteacherwalkout.weebly.com/

Spin-tastic. Did you catch the theme there? WRAL provides cover for the NCAE’s Ellis who is subtly throwing teachers who disseminated materials NCAE provided under the bus.  The report does adequately show how both parties interviewed are playing tug of war though. Teachers: Get out of the middle. Own it yourselves.

WRAL and local leaders should also be aware that I tracked down the Walk Out/Strike Facebook event originator – “Mike Ladidadi“.  It’s also been alleged by some who have contacted me that these two organizations were attempting to steer, if not drive, the teacher “Walk In” after quashing the “Walk Out” idea. So while the original Facebook event might not have been NCAE started, the attempt to control the next incarnation of a protest most definitely was.

Related note:

I’ve received some criticism for posting that information to which my response is that I protected the other individuals in the article by removing their names. This event, this story – it’s gone state-wide and created a bit of a firestorm. The originator should be located.  Frankly, I was surprised the local media outlets or the HuffPo had not figured it out first. It took me about 30 minutes of searching.

Update: WNCN’s piece is equally shameful and doesn’t link to or mention any of the activities that were planned in or at schools.

Still, that’s not silencing critics like Wake County Republican Party Chair Donna Williams. In an email sent to media outlets this week, she said of the walk-in, “Apparently, those parties promoting the event see no problem using students to deliver their message of unionization and to promote their upcoming union rally; however, the Wake County Republican Party does.”

Ellis says the criticism is not fair.

“I don’t think there’s any crime behind just sitting and having a conversation,” Ellis said.  “I don’t know why it’s such a fearful idea that parents come to the table and begin having dialogue with educators about what it takes to be successful in our schools.”

Parents we spoke with outside an elementary school in Raleigh saw no problem with it.

“Having a conversation” was never the issue, Mr. Ellis. The NCAE’s “member led” group Organize 2020 made this mess, don’t blame parents who object or by proxy label them as criminals.  The involvement of our kids in this process was the issue.

Having said that, characterizing the upcoming event only as a ‘union rally’  isn’t fair either. Clearly there are a lot of issues on the table. One of which should be for those involved in the “member led” Organize 2020 to explain their “we want a union” line in their mission statement on their website.

Dear WNCN – did these parents you asked see the flyer or the website associated with it? Did they know some schools planned these events to be broadcast on in house television systems? Did you also ask NCAE why they scrubbed the “Walk In” event from their website and then decided to put it back up?

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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14 Responses to WRAL Report Excludes Obvious NCAE Ties

  1. Eliza says:

    Mike laddida had already been reported on as the creator of the wakout 2 weks ago


  2. R. Jones says:

    Actually, I take back the part about you being reasonable as the realization just came to me. These teachers are risking their careers and livelihoods for the benefit of your child and the thanks you give them is public ridicule and fodder for attacks and threats from politicians. Wow, just wow. Respond all you won’t as I will not read any more. Again, you will get the public schools you deserve, too bad they won’t be the schools your children deserve.


    • “These teachers are risking their careers and livelihoods for the benefit of your child and the thanks you give them is public ridicule and fodder for attacks and threats from politicians. “

      And it is this kind of response that keeps teachers from getting the support they deserve from the broader public. It’s the equaivalent of ‘How dare you mind us protesting in front of your kids or using them as couriers to get to their parents, it’s all for them!’ Really?

      You still don’t get it — whatever the issue(s) is, using someone else’s kids to send messages or air grievances is NOT OK.


      • Cobb says:

        It seems like to a degree we believe there is a problem with the school system. If you are offended by the way teachers chose to communicate with the parents through the students, which is understandable, do you have any ideas on ways to get the message across? This is a serious issue with tons of crazy legislation behind it that seems to have been in the works for quite a while. If we want the School system to survive at some point we have to be able to communicate without the entire situation becoming a giant conspiracy theory.


      • I think we both agree there are issues to be resolved. Now that the messaging system has been addressed, I can think of a few ways to the ball rolling farther. Parental involvement is a big factor and I would return to the idea of schools owning this on the local level. Parents and Teachers know each other in their communities, it has to start there.
        I will be writing more about this in the coming days. I think it will please most parties to read what things I learned and what things I confirmed from my attending the Holly Springs event.


  3. R. Jones says:

    OK, I have expended to much energy on this already, but I am going to keep trying because I actually have hope for you as a reasonable person. The reason you are being labeled as teacher bashing is that you continue to talk about “our message” and “our agenda”…don’t send a flyer home with my kind to support your agenda. Calling the desire for hardworking teachers to improve your child’s education an agenda is laughable. Until you embrace this as YOUR issue and YOUR child’s issue, then you are not truly supporting teachers. PERIOD. So they used a flyer created by some NCAE members? Just because you think NCAE and unions are evil does not not make it 1. True 2. “Political” activity (as it doesn’t involve parties, candidates, or campaigns) or 3. Everything they do evil. Again it is simple hypocrisy as you are not attacking schools for all they ways you child is used as a messenger when you agree with the message!

    Sorry, but facts is facts. At the national level, bad education policy can be laid squarely at the feet of the Obama administration and democrats in congress. But at the state level, the current state of affairs is the result if actions of GOP lawmakers. Not poltical, just fact. If you truly support teachers, then use your forum to ask some critical questions of those lawmakers. Politicians usually listen more to those from within their ideological ranks. Take a closer look at Phil Berger’s Excellent Public Schools act or Skip Stam’s voucher program. How about the fact that many of our state politicians are accepting large campaign contributions from those invested in for profit charter schools? Are you ok with your tax dollars being used that way? The flyer upset you as an inapproriate “use” or your child, what about the fact that corportate interests trying to profit off your child’s back? And corrupt politicians are accepting their bribes to let them. Are those policies really good for your child and your school? If you keep you mouth shut about those bad policies because of political leanings then you are nothing more than a partisan hack and no better than those you criticize. Clearly you have some investigative reporting skills. Start using them on the issues that affect schools! If you think teachers should be paid more, talk to your state lawmakers as your local school, district and school board can do basically nothing about it.


    • “The reason you are being labeled as teacher bashing is that you continue to talk about “our message” and “our agenda””
      No, those are projections you have assigned to what I have written. I have not stated what the teachers message is because they have not given it yet – that happens Monday. These articles are about the intent of the NCAE/Organize 2020.

      I get where you are coming from, but you continually are ignoring where I am coming from. I didn’t write this as a “blogger”, I’m wrote it as a parent and I had a real problem with the execution of this, not the event itself. What I do or do not think about the NCAE is besides the point:
      This item should not have gone home with our kids. Leave the kids out of this.

      “Politicians usually listen more to those from within their ideological ranks.”

      Yes, and making an enemy out of parents that share that ideology, but are being labeled as teacher bashers because we didn’t like the delivery mode of the Nov 4 event, is not helpful. We could be powerful allies, but you have to meet them halfway. What parents like this saw when they hit the Organize 2020 site is partisan politics and demonization ala moral monday style. That was not useful nor helpful. I think schools are seeing that and are disentangling themselves from the NCAE/2020 involvement. They should — they should own it locally right down to their specific schools.

      I see the list of complaints and questions – productive and I share some of them, but I see one thing missing among them: Common Core. It’s going to cost the state untold millions and once the RTTP funds run out, it comes out of the budget. Not one teacher is talking about this that I have seen yet.


      • R. Jones says:

        Actually there are TONS of teachers very vocally opposed to Common Core! From both the right and the left and every where in between! Check out the Badass Teachers Association over 31,000 strong!


      • Really? Not seeing a lot of that in NC — at least not outwardly.
        I will check the Badass Teachers Association out. Thanks!


      • R. Jones says:

        You have to remember how dangerous it is for teachers to speak out or you would have heard it more! Many of us have been openly threatened for speaking out against common core…which both the AFT and NEA SUPPORTS by the way. When good intentioned teachers get blasted by a blogger for accidental missteps, it makes speaking out even harder! Wonder what kind of schools you will have when Berger gets his way and the mild protections of career status are gone? Who will speak out for teachers and students then?


      • Who is threatening you?
        Why is it more dangerous to speak out about Common Core, a set of standards that is estimated to cost NC over $617 in the next 7 years — shouldn’t it be part and parcel of current discussions?

        I’m seeing “good intentions”, “accidental misstep” — Are you now trying to shame ME for the lack of oversight or actions of others? Sorry, wrong tree you’re barking up there. I am not just a blogger, but a parent. With no other frame of reference but the flyer and the website on it to go on, what did you think the reaction should be?

        I believe this was done with the right intentions and not as a tool of the NCAE’s Organize2020 for Holly Ridge specifically. I can’t speak to other schools. That does not mean I was wrong to be upset about it. What’s done is done there and Holly Ridge is owning their movement locally, as they should. I applaud and support that.


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