Originator Of Walk Out /Strike Facebook Event Is Wilmington Resident

As I mentioned in an earlier article today, I had been asked by readers to dig deeper on the original Facebook event calling for a teacher strike or ‘Walk Out’ that was taken over and altered into the NCAE Organize 2020 ‘Walk In’ debacle we have going on in various incarnations state-wide.

So I dug around. The Huffington Post featured him in their article about the event, but didn’t bother to do any follow-up on him. The HuffPo noted that Mike Ladidadi was not his real name and it definitely is not because  it’s Mike Lardieri.

I have altered the screen grab to remove the names of the other individuals.

CAPTION READS: Lardieri Brothers — with XXXX Lardieri and Mike Ladidadi.

Lardieri  is apparently a real estate broker in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. As far as I can tell, this man has no horse in the teacher grievances race other than he himself thinks they aren’t being treated fairly. The lack of activity by him on the original event and on his own page doesn’t seem to have any recent activity on the walk out he started either. The last entry is October 2nd.

There are common denominators between the two events and, from information I am now getting,  it is looking like perhaps the original event was hijacked and re-routed into the ‘Walk In’ version by the NCAE and their member led group Organize 2020.  There is also quite a bit of overlap in participants between the Walk Out and the Walk In.

One reader emailed me that a set of Kindergarten teachers were the ones who picked it up and ran with it, while another said it was all NCAE driven. Either way,  I’d like to sort this out and ask anyone reading this who know how Ladidadi/Lardieri’s Facebook event was picked up by teachers and then turned into the ‘Walk In’ we see today to reach out and contact me or put up a comment.

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6 Responses to Originator Of Walk Out /Strike Facebook Event Is Wilmington Resident

  1. There have been rumblings of a walk-out for years. My smart-aleck self got some Charlotte Observer space years ago when we all got ‘furloughed’ (i.e., a day and a half of pay was taken from me) and I suggested we do one on the first day of EOG testing.
    I saw it on FB on the North Carolina Teachers for Change page the first time as a “Blue Flu” in oh, late August or early September, and it gained very little traction. It’s one thing to talk about it, entirely another to actually do it…
    In response to it, another teacher suggested a ‘walk-in’ instead. Dress in red, that sort of thing. Show some support for teachers, rather than take out frustrations on the kids and their parents. That got some attention.
    At some point, the NCAE got involved, but I don’t think it was from the get-go. Sadly, once they did, the event became politicized, simply because of their involvement, when it wasn’t meant to be. So many teachers who are transplants don’t realize how hard unionization was fought in other industries here (People died in Gastonia!) and that the general perception of unions was that they’re a bunch of crazy, left-wing Yankees come down to tell us what to do. On the other hand, many natives don’t get that the NCAE is not a union (again, NOT a union!) and offers exactly no bargaining rights. Or much of anything else, for that matter.
    The bigger worry I have with flyers is that if I send home one with what might be perceived as a political agenda, that leaves me open to obligation for sending home others from other causes that might be really out of line. Schools should be apolitical, and, again, I don’t think NCAE realizes that they’re perceived as a political (Sorry, I know, I need a thesaurus.) group, and so, tinge the things they touch.
    That said, ‘Unionization Propaganda’ was a little harsh. Whom are we to unionize? If your only objection was to the flyer, and it sounds like you genuinely support your kids’ school in a variety of ways, then the original post may not do justice to the problem you’re trying to address.
    While I don’t agree with the tone of your post, maybe it will give us an opportunity to talk among ourselves when intervention from NCAE is appropriate, and when it isn’t.
    Also, forgive us for being a bit sensitive. Our state government has abused us openly for years; we’re almost used to that. We stay in the game because we love our communities and hope they love us back. It stings a bit when it seems like you don’t.


    • Thank you for your comment and taking time to post it.
      I do appreciate the feedback.

      I concur with you that once the NCAE got involved, it all went sideways.

      Yes, my original article title was on the sensational side but I think it represented the intent behind the NCAE tied organization who created the flyer.

      I didn’t say the NCAE was a union, but rather their group Organize 2020 stated clearly in the mission statement that that was the desire. They are indeed a lobby but in practice, they act like a union – they collect dues, they organize rallies, they lobby. If the NCAE is ineffective as you suggest, then I think teachers need to look at why they are involved with them. You are correct, unionization of public employees in NC is not allowed. I think that’s a good thing. Watching what that has done in other states has shown public sector unionization to be a hot mess. My personal take on that is I do not want another layer involved between me as a parent and my teachers/administrators and the legislators.

      “We stay in the game because we love our communities and hope they love us back. It stings a bit when it seems like you don’t.”

      We do care. Even though it impact them, we just don’t want our kids in this crossfire. That’s been my driving theme throughout. I know I care. I wouldn’t be opening this can of worms if I didn’t. Part of what alarmed me was that this flyer came home with the kids and that made me ask, what is being given out in school or discussed that doesn’t come home? The lack of vetting on the item was a bit upsetting but I can understand how it happened. People are human, I get that. I hope you can see where and how that disturbed folks.


      • The NCAE IS a political group. A mostly leftist political group. The clear message is not that the State has kept teachers down for years, but rather that the GOP is the guilty party and the only target. The GOP is not the enemy of teachers, but it is so much easier for some to target a “bogeyman” rather than work for real reform.


      • I’ve seen a lot of comments here about how awful these reforms are, but not a lot of specifics.
        I hope the Monday event says more about the complaints about Tenure and pay, because those are the two I am seeing the most references to. I’d also like to see common core be brought up.


  2. Doreen M. says:

    Why bother-we already heard where you stand. You say you support teachers, so you are continuing to post pictures of staff members from Holly Ridge associated with the event/flyer trying to tie them to prompting a teacher’s union during school hours. That really shows your true support and what you want accomplished with public education. I encourage all educators to stop reading this blog and focus on the people/blogs that want to talk about positive changes within our schools.


    • Why bother to post here when you already have decided I am trying to hurt teachers? Be mad all you want that I objected to the flyers being sent home, but don’t accuse me of something that isn’t true.

      I didn’t have to try to tie the flyers to a teachers union, the flyer had the Organize 2020 website right on it.The stated mission of said NCAE Member led group is “We want a Union.”

      Clearly you didn’t read the article closely.

      I have posted no pictures of anyone working at Holly Ridge in any of my articles.
      The person in question here is a real estate broker from Wilmington. He started the Walk Out event on Facebook and has seemingly since abandoned it.

      “I encourage all educators to stop reading this blog and focus on the people/blogs that want to talk about positive changes within our schools.”

      That’s proactive. You do realize that by involving our kids without informing the parents of what this is beforehand upset a lot of people? A good start would be acknowledging that there are parents who disagree with the methods being employed and not necessarily the bigger message. Or you can feel free to continue to alienate those you are claiming to want to bring into the fold and just keep preaching to the choir.
      Your choice.


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