#MoralMondays: Hittin’ The Road

Just as we all thought we could enjoy the rest of our Summer in peace, ‘Moral Monday’ decides to take their noisy band of half-baked notions and hyperbolic signage on the road.  First stop? Asheville.

I find it a little ironic their first stop is Asheville, home of the now closed Femcare Abortion clinic. The clinic was inspected for the first time in five years and they found 23 separate violations.

Somehow, I bet this clinic closing won’t be mentioned at their Asheville rally, although it would be the moral thing to do. If they do mention it, likely it will be to bring up the idea that the inspection of it was politically motivated. In reality, the need for clinic inspection is greater than ever.  It’s doubtful any of them will question if the resignation of Perdue appointee Laura Gerald had anything to do with the resuming of inspections or not.

This is what the angry fembots who were marching around the NC General Assembly were protesting to maintain in their opposition to SB353: uninspected and dangerous clinics.  Then again, they were equally outraged Governor McCory told them ‘God Bless you‘ and gave them some cookies. You just can’t tell with these womyn.

Yes, that’s right. Governor McCrory gave a plate of cookies to some of the protesters outside the mansion, many wearing ’50’s garb, and they took offense. Oh no… the horror of a cookie.  Hilarious ridiculing of said group think victims ensued with #ProtestCookies on Twitter kicked off by @PeteKaliner.  Other tags included were #Cookiegate and #Cookie Monster.

That was quite an epic series of tweets; they practically wrote themselves.

But I digress… have fun in the mountains, ‘Moral Monday’. Be sure to clean up your trash and discarded signs this time. You left the NC General Assembly grounds a mess each time.

Here’s some music to get you in the mood. Peace, dudes!


UPDATE: TY to Carolina Plott Hound for linking!

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  1. LOL, love the song. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.


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