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News and Observer’s John Frank Can’t Get Common Core Stories Right

Another day, another News and Observer Common Core fiasco. John Frank has gotten really skilled at regurgitating talking points instead of actual reporting. I could pick this latest attempt down line by line, but frankly I don’t have the time to waste. I will hit highlights instead. This section bothered me: Continue reading

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#SB812 Amendment ATL-60 Dissected

The NC General Assembly’s House passed SB 812, however Rep. Cotham snuck in two amendments. At first glance they seem innocuous, however upon closer inspection it’s clear one of them is a bit slippery. The amendment in question is A1: S812-ATL-60-V-2.

The text of the amendment is as follows:
“construed to prohibit (i) implementation of the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, or other nationally available educational programs or curricula, or (ii) an official, employee, agency, or board of the State”.

The original text of SB 812 reads as follows:
“Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to prohibit an official, employee, agency, or board of the State from seeking and being granted a waiver from federal law provided that the General Assembly Of North Carolina conditions for the waiver do not require the State to cede or limit its discretion or control over the development, adoption, or revision of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and related assessments.”

The amendment rewrites line 50 of SB 812 so as to allow for the Department of Public Instruction or other education entity in North Carolina to bypass the legislature in order to allow private entities to be engaged in the assessment of our children. The phrasing also leaves the door open for a national curricula or program to be used. The intent here is clear and that is to keep Common Core in the mix.

The Senate would do wisely to strip this amendment entirely or revise it, lest they wish to have one of the many heads of Common Core pop back up in their faces like an annoying whack-a-mole game. A related piece of reading for the Senate that is arguably related to this language change by Ms. Cotham: Common Core Aligned: WorkKeys.

Cotham’s own tweets confirm this and to which I responded to, calling out the intent: Continue reading

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NC’s #SB812 Replace Common Core Moves Forward

The North Carolina General Assembly’s House passed SB 812 and is sending it to the Senate for concurrence. Should the Senate concur and pass it, the bill then should go to the Governor.

#SB812 passes the #NCGA House and heads to the Senate. NC is one step closer to returning real education to NC! #StopCommonCore

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 24, 2014

The bill passed the second reading 75-39. Take a look at who voted NO on it and wishes to keep our children tethered to the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core. Remember that in November.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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#NCGA Rep. Glazier Clueless On Common Core

We’ve got another Common Core “politicizing” alert coming out of another legislators at the NC General Assembly. This time it’s Democrat Rep. Rick Glazier:
“If the bill is really to revoke the standards and replace them with North Carolina standards, that would be extremely destructive and very destabilizing,” said state Rep. Rick Glazier, a Democrat from Fayetteville and a former Cumberland County school board member. “But if all that’s happening is the (GOP) majority is patting the base on the head and just changing the name, then it’s a pretty fraudulent bill that won’t do much harm.”

But that still would be bad, he said, “because it sends a lack-of-stability message through a system that’s already struggling with upheaval.” – FayObserver 5/24/14

Exactly how would it be “extremely destructive and very destabilizing” to remove the fundamentally flawed and experimental standards from our schools, Mr. Glazier? I think Mr. Glazier is listening more to the money from the Chamber of Commerce than he is to the reality about Common Core.

Gene Arnold Common Core NCSPIN Quote

To make a statement like that, it would require that Rep. Glazier is willfully politicizing this topic or that he lacks any real knowledge about Common Core. Tell me, who spoon-fed that talking point to you, because it’s very similar to ones we’ve heard from Rep. Marcus Brandon, Rep.Tricia Cotham and Sen. Josh Stein. Let’s not forget the NC Chamber of Commerce and The Raleigh Chamber either.

Reminder: Senators Stein implies you are racist if you oppose Common Core. Continue reading

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Common Core Shutuppery Theme: Politicizing

Over the last few weeks since the North Carolina Common Core legislative study committee (LRC) released their findings, which included a bill to replace the Common Core, we’ve heard sound bite after sound bite from supporters that all contain a theme: Politicizing.

I took one egregious and hypocritical offender to task but wanted to revisit it after I found more video of her comments. I’m talking about Rep. Cotham. At the final meeting of the LRC, Rep. Tricia Cotham (who is a member of Common Core LRC) decided to grandstand and fluff her political feathers while simultaneously degrading the parents and citizens who spoke out against Common Core to the LRC. Continue reading

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About Those Candidate Background Checks…

News and Record did some background checks on some local candidates running for the NC General Assembly. The candidate name, district and offense were listed. Party affiliation was not. I went ahead and ran that down via the NC Board of Elections. It was kind of a no-brainer since at least 4 of them were running for Alma Adams seat, but hey — let’s play along.

Democrats are putting up such quality candidates these days…must be that quality recruiting. Felonies, misdemeanors, prison time… wow. Continue reading

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NC State Rep. Cotham’s Politicizing Of Common Core

Yesterday at the final meeting of the NC General Assembly’s Common Core LRC, a report and draft bill were introduced that removes Common Core from the state statutes and details a commission to be set up to replace the Common Core over the next one to two years.

President Elect of the CCSSO, June Atkinson, who is also NC’s State Superintendent, was absent from this meeting but lent her opinion in a press release. Her absence wasn’t a big issue since Rep. Brandon and Rep. Cotham took up what arguably could be considered a similar line of attack. The word “politicizing” was the big theme. My thoughts on their performances: Continue reading

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