NC’s #SB812 Replace Common Core Moves Forward

The North Carolina General Assembly’s House passed SB 812 and is sending it to the Senate for concurrence. Should the Senate concur and pass it, the bill then should go to the Governor. If not, the bill heads to a conference committee.

The bill passed the second reading 75-39. (*Update: The vote count changed to PASS: 74-40) Take a look at who voted NO on it and wishes to keep our children tethered to the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core. Remember them in November.

Rep. Cotham, now famous for attacking parents in opposition by politicizing the standards, added two amendments. One of them (ATL-61) was a bit of a waste of time since SB 815 also covers her complaint about not being able to collect psychometric data on our children. Both of her amendments passed:

  1. A1: S812-ATL-60-V-2  PASS: 106-7
  2. A2: S812-ATL-61-V-1  PASS: 87-27


Common Core fighters everywhere in North Carolina should be cheering! Don’t cheer for too long though. We need to encourage the Senate to continue supporting the return of true education to North Carolina and the restoring sovereignty over our education system.

Find your General Assembly Senator and contact them. Urge them to stay the course and be a champion of a true education for our children in North Carolina. While you’re at it, contact the leadership as well.

We’re almost there people!

Useful links:

Senate Leadership Contact Information

Senate Membership List & Contact Information

Who Represents Me?

 Video of 6/24/14 House Session

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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