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NRSC to FOIA NC On #Obamacare Enrollments

On the heels of the revelation that Senator Mark Udall of Colorado pressured the Colorado Division of insurance to ‘revise’ their Obamacare enrollment numbers, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has announced it will FOIA similar agencies in different states, including North Carolina. From a newsletter from the NRSC via email, here is the relevant portion: Continue reading

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Bombs Away, Just #Askkay

As Obamacare unfolds, Kay Hagan’s approval rating is bombing. Left leaning Public Policy Polling has the horror on display: November PPP Poll (September PPP Poll) Hagan 43% (52%) Brannon 44% (36%) Hagan 44% (51%) Tillis 42% (36%) Hagan 43% (50%) … Continue reading

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Hagan Sprinting From Her Record On #Obamacare

If you want to see an epic example of what lengths a politician will go to in order to save their own rear, one has to look no further than North Carolina’s Kay Hagan. Hagan’s camp is doing a total about-face out of pure desperation.

Act of pure political desperation: @kayhagan is tryng to hide that she cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare: #ncsen

— Brook Hougesen (@Brook_H) November 12, 2013

True Believer

Hagan is one of the true believers in the President’s “Affordable Healthcare Act” that the public has dubbed Obamacare. Now she’s on the ropes and unlike during the government shut down, Hagan can’t just disappear. Continue reading

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My “CHAT” With An Obamacare Navigator….

My current insurance ends on December 31st and I’m not sure what insurance program I can or will be on. October 1st I went on to the Health Care Exchange site to “see what was in it”. (Kinda like Nancy Pelosi, but not). Continue reading

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#HarryReidsShutDown Closes Private NC Business Because… PAIN.

This Administration has jumped the shark with its attempt to bring pain during the shut down. These ‘painful’ shut downs are similar to the farcical attempts at drama made by this administration and Democrats during Obama’s Sequester. We’ve heard from all sorts of politicans in NC on the shut down except one:

It’s been 5 days since @SenKayHagan’s last tweet. She wants to keep her head down as #Obamacare implodes during Obama/Reid #Shutdown. #NCSen

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) October 6, 2013

Breitbart has a nice list of some of the things being dramatically shut down by the administration which include blocking out sports events for our overseas troops and attempting to close privately funded Mt. Vernon. Here are some of the others you may not have seen, courtesy of ConMom: Continue reading

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Obamacare Enrollment Success? Take a closer look

The highly controversial Affordable Care Act made it’s debut Tuesday, October 1st in a not-so-desirable fashion.
The enrollment has been riddled with wait times that make the DMV look like a fast food drive-thru and log in problems so severe that the majority of those trying to access the site just give up. Continue reading

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More Shiny Objects From Kay Hagan

Senator Hagan? Have the Koch Brothers declared their intent to run in North Carolina? She keep sending me emails about them…

This hypocrisy of Hagan’s is getting a bit tedious, especially when she’s accepted money from all over the country. More of Hagan’s campaign of hate, patterned on Obama’s campaign fundraising strategy: Find a dissenting target, make the people afraid of them and then pump it for all the money you can.
Hagan’s SQUIRREL!!!!

Hagan isn’t stopping with the eeeeevil Koch Brothers — she needs cover on Obamacare. Senator Hagan supported and still supports it 110%. She wants to make sure you don’t ask her about it though. Behold, the same bullshit talking points coming out of the Navigators and the Obama administration: Continue reading

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