Anson elementary teacher facing 18 counts related to child pornography

An Anson County Public Schools teacher has been arrested on charges related to images of children found on his electronic devices.



Clinton Justin Jones, age 41, has been charged with 18 counts of 3rd-degree sexual exploitation.

Jones was issued a $150,000 secured bond which he posted and was released.

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) was contacted on Dec. 18 by the Anson County Sheriff’s Office for help with an investigation on a CyberTip. The two agencies coordinated, serving a search warrant at Jones’ home that uncovered hundreds of photos and videos of sexually exploited children. The images were found on electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Jones was a teacher at Ansonville Elementary School and Anson County Public Schools issued the following statement on Facebook:

Mr. Howard E. McLean, Superintendent of the Anson County Schools announced that Clinton Justin Jones resigned today from his appointment as a teacher with the school system.

Mr. Jones began his employment with the Anson County Schools as a substitute teacher in February, 2011, and became a full-time teacher September 9, 2013, at Ansonville Elementary School.

Mr. Jones is currently released on bond, following his December 30 arrest on six felony counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.
Based on the information currently available to the school system, we have no indication of any involvement by any Anson County Schools students with Mr. Jones or in connection with any of these charges. We currently have no reason to believe that any Anson County Schools students have been involved or affected. We do understand, however, that this is an ongoing investigation.

The SBI has indicated the investigation is ongoing and it is not clear yet if any students were involved.

Anson County Public Schools is required by law to report Jones’ resignation and the circumstances surrounding it to the State Board of Education.

30 day notice - Quiet Epidemic - resignation

Records on file with the state show Jones has an active teaching license which will expire in June of this year:

Current Date: 01/06/2022 08:30 AM
License Number: 1137116
License Type: Educator
License Status: Current
Expiration Date: 06/30/2022
Effective Date: 07/01/2017
License Area(s): Elementary Education (K-6)

Jones, while arrested on Dec. 30, is the first reported arrest for 2022 tracked by this website.

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2 Responses to Anson elementary teacher facing 18 counts related to child pornography

  1. Walt Pryor says:

    This behavior is easily predictable. Our culture is being changed to reflect the godless cultures of this world. Who is leading us away from morality-based culture and God? The great majority of influence is coming from the left. Democrats, National and Social Media, LGBTQ groups, BLM, Antifa, Islam, Liberal, and progressives. Billions of dollars from the porn industry go into the pockets of Democrats to keep the decay of America going. The porn industry is owned by homosexuals I have read. just think of all the children watching porn every day. It is evil.
    Anytime humans allow others to move them away from God, cultures wind up collapsing. Evil is always destructive.
    Since the civil rights era, the Democrats have used those laws to gain voting power. Democrats keep abortion legal. Democrats do everything they can to allow illegal immigration. Just think of the deaths caused by Democrats. Along with those deaths we have indoctrination of our children into homosexual practices and socialism. All this from Democrats who do Satan’s bidding.
    Do not become outraged at these teachers, blame the system that created these teachers!


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