#WCPSS Updates: Coronavirus worries, threats to a school and a word from a “Sponsor”

This installment of WCPSS (Wake County Public School System) updates includes how the district is handling parent worries about Coronavirus, investigation of threats made to a high school and a word from a “sponsor.”


From the moment you knew your child was on the way, you had innumerable choices to make. But once your child became school-aged, choices narrowed to a shocking few.

Parents across the country want their choices back and are demanding more school choice. Find out what your options really are here in North Carolina.

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Quick Hits:

#1 – How WCPSS is handling Coronavirus fears

With the first case of Coronavirus landing in Wake County, parents are obviously concerned about their kids potentially being exposed. These fears are not totally unreasonable as WCPSS is, after all, the largest district in the state.

WCPSS did send out a message to parents with a link to their official statement. That statement appears nowhere on the district website front page nor it is included in the list of recent news. That should shock no one who has used the site, nothing about it is user-friendly and items get moved constantly.

I ended up using the search box to locate anything labeled “Coronavirus” to locate the February and March updates. For everyone’s convenience, I also archived these February and March updates on the Wayback Machine. WRAL also has links and summaries to this information.

The main thrust of the March updates is if you feel sick, stay home and call your doctor. If you otherwise feel fine, just wash your hands. A lot.

“Health officials assure us that a member of the Wake County Public Health Division will notify someone if they are at risk of exposure to COVID-19 (Coronavirus),” the WCPSS update reads.

The update to parents also says that “State and federal law prohibits the school system from sharing confidential information about students and employees. While we understand that parents may have concerns, they do not have the legal right to know information about a student or staff member’s country of origin, health status, places traveled or family members.”

Cleanliness and sanitizing surfaces are recommended by health officials in dealing with what appears to be a very contagious virus, but WCPSS won’t be changing how it cleans lunchroom tables (with plain water):

Also WCPSS:  Don’t try to protect your kid. We’ll just take their hand sanitizer away.


#2 – A threat to a magnet high school… or not?

Police investigating student video threatening Southeast Raleigh High School

“Law enforcement officers were present at the school after a selfie-style video of a student holding what appears to be a firearm circulated on social media.

According to Southeast Raleigh High officials, rumors and social media posts indicated a possible threat against the school on Friday. But the posts were investigated by officers and found to be unsubstantiated, officials said.”

Question: Was the very expensive Sandy Hook “Say Something” app involved in the report of this alleged video threat or are students and parents just reporting them the way they always have, which is to say directly to the school or police?

Par for the course, parents were not notified:

School district officials said Southeast Raleigh High wasn’t specifically mentioned as a target in the social media posts on Friday, so parents weren’t notified. They were notified Monday morning, however.

#3 – Now a word from a “Sponsor”

Magnet schools are the obsession of the current school board members. They are promoted all over the district website and even in media, like at WRAL such as in the article, Wake County magnet schools offer students exposure to multiple learning pathways.

At the bottom and top of that story is the line:  This article was written for our sponsor, Wake County Public School System.

Sponsor? As in financial sponsor? Stay tuned. I am asking questions and am awaiting answers.

What starts with Parents changes everything.

Sick of your student being constantly reassigned?

Tired of the district ignoring parent concerns and parental rights?

Fed up with social justice propaganda replacing academic subjects?

Upset with the invasion of student privacy?

Tired of the board’s attacks on school choice and charters?

If you answered yes to even one of the above, consider a run for School Board.

2020 is an election year for all nine Wake County School Board seats. The candidate filing period opens in June.

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