Franklin County Teacher Charged With Animal Cruelty

A Franklin County teacher who lives in Wake County has been charged with animal cruelty after a severely neglected dog found in her home had to be put down.

​Chris Phillips Wright, age 61, is charged with animal cruelty after a Yorkie terrier was found neglected in her home.

According to a citation issued to Wright, the dog had been left unattended in its kennel for a long enough time to allow feces to become matted in the dog’s hair for months, resulting in injuries the dog’s skin and muscles. The hair was so matted and tangled around its face that eating was impossible.

After being rescued and the matted hair was removed, the Yorkie was too weak to eat and the decision to put the animal down was made.

Wright has been suspended with pay from her position at Cedar Creek Middle School located in Franklin County according to a voicemail to parents by the school’s principal, Bart Elliott. The voicemail was obtained by ABC 11.

There is no license for a “Chris Phillips Wright” in the NC state database of licensed teachers.

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