@GregFordNC Says He is Accountable to the Tax Payer. Here I am! (Updated)

It’s funny how much contempt elected officials hold for those they govern these days.

Case in point, Wake County Commissioner Greg Ford.

Mr. Ford feels that everything is the fault of the General Assembly.

Pay no mind to the fact the Wake County Commissioners can’t seem to balance a budget without adding another tax increase to Wake County residents. Four of them in a row, as a matter of fact.

Wake County residents have seen the county property tax rate increase every year since 2014. The county property tax rate will be 65.44 cents per $100 valuation or a 3.94-cent increase. That’s a $117 increase on the property tax bill for a $300,000 home.
News and Observer

When I pointed out that the General Assembly had little to nothing to do with the fiscal mismanagement of the Wake Commissioners and the Wake School Board to Mr. Ford, his response was what most of us have come to expect from elected officials – pure arrogance and contempt.

Mr. Ford said that Commissioners and the Board are controlled by the voters.

I’m a Wake County voter and this is me, the ‘uneducated’ taxpayer holding him accountable.  So is Mr. Hauser. He responded to Mr. Ford’s erroneous tweet too. Does he need to be “educated” too? Or is that only the silly womenfolk like me?

I know what my tax bill is, Mr. Ford and I also know your term is up this year. So do my neighbors. So do the people living in District 6.

I also remember the Wake Commissioners prioritizing a transit program over school kids.

It wasn’t so long ago that the Wake Commissioners raised the wage for county workers… well, 75 out of 4,000 of them anyway. We, the taxpayers, footed that bill too of course.

November is a ways off still. I am sure you have plenty of time between now and election time to practice looking down at us at the polls.

Here’s Mr. Ford’s contact information for those who also would like to test his ‘accountability’ claims.

Greg Ford WBOC Page - Wake County


Update: It appears Wake County School Board member Christine Kushner “likes” seeing female taxpayers be condescended to by elected officials.

062118 Kushner Likes Ford Mocking Female Citizens - WBOC WCPSS

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