NC Public School Forum Head Doubles Down On Stupid

After calling me a “troll” for openly challenging his disgusting comparison of a charter school bill to House Bill 2, Keith Poston doubled down.

What color is the sky in Keith Poston’s echo chamber? We may never know.

So, it appears that after deleting all of his tweets, Captain Courageous blocked me.

Keith Poston NC Public Schools Forum Blocks AP Dillon

What I find really funny is Poston thought that I wouldn’t be able to see him double down on emulating the original jerky boy, Kris Nordstrom.

Bless Your Heart

Oh, here comes Kris’s cameo.

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  1. Kathy Young says:

    Roaches always run from the light, don’t they? You go, Girl. Keep after them!!! Keep the light on them.


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