#WCPSS Hires SPLC Social Justice Warrior

Taxpayer-funded social justice warrior propaganda. That is what the largest district in North Carolina has imported.

What am I talking about? The hiring of a Southern Poverty Law Center Social Justice Warrior into Wake County Schools.

Do we really want this kind of divisive identity politics in our classrooms?

This district has bemoaned they need MOAR money year after year, but they have the money to hire two women to indoctrinate our kids?

Johnny can’t read. Susie can’t do math.
But let’s hire more “diversity” staff?

Is it any wonder school choice is booming, especially in Wake County?

Parents of Wake County, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Is it time to protest yet?

The “Office of Diversity Affairs” in Wake County Public Schools has hired Lauryn Mascarenaz to be the “director of equity affairs for coaching & leadership.”

Who is this woman? A pure social justice warrior right out of Southern Poverty Law Center’s education indoctrination arm, Teaching Tolerance.

041318 LM Social Justice Learning
Mascarenaz doesn’t appear to be a North Carolinian either, much less a Wake County resident. Her location on Twitter puts her in Alabama.

Her idea of a great lesson? Teaching kids that Cesar Chavez was a heroic social justice warrior and not a man whose mentor was a Saul Alinsky disciple and definitely not a man who treated his volunteers like dirt and regularly referred to farmworkers as “pigs.”

020617 LM Teaching Cesar Chavez
What does Mascarenaz think about white folks?
Well, they need to check their privilege. Even at the NY Times.

032218 LM White Privilege Austin Bomber

Not alarmed enough yet?  Let’s look at Teaching Tolerance, where Mascarenaz hails from.

Her bio over there reads:

Lauryn has 10 years’ experience as an elementary classroom teacher, literacy instructional coach and culturally responsive trainer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies and a master’s of education degree in culturally responsive teaching, both from the University of Colorado. Lauryn has a passion for educating teachers on engagement strategies and is particularly interested in closing the opportunity gap for young males of color.

What it doesn’t say is closing that gap by demonizing all other young males, their parents and whoever else fits into the white guilt/ white privilege narrative.

Go read her articles while they are still up.  One you should not miss is “Teaching the Inauguration” in which she promotes the anti-semitic and radical Women’s March.

I’ve written in detail about Teaching Tolerance and their goal of turning school kids as young as 5 years old into little social justice warrior activists.

Read the series Common Core Aligned – Teaching Tolerance: Part onePart twoPart threePart four, Part five

I’ve also written about how social justice mess is crowding out actual academics in our schools – using our own tax dollars.

But Wait, There’s Not One, but TWO Social Justice Warrriors On Deck

In addition to hiring an SPLC hack, the “Office of Diversity Affairs” has also hired a white guilt ridden teacher out of Durham.

Meet Teresa Bunner of Project READY, a group formed to train Wake County school staff on “diversity issues” which include white privilege narratives using Southern Poverty Law Center materials.

Project READY refused to comment when asked about their materials. Instead, they shoved responsibility for responding to the WCPSS communications department.

Read about Project READY here and pay attention to their use and interest in using Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Everything in this woman’s Twitter timeline is about social justice, specifically race.
Math? Science? Reading? Nah.

111617 Bunner NCTE17 Sign

Here is a full view of the poster above.

NCTE17 Sign

Her Twitter timeline is also littered with white guilt themes and Black Lives Matters narratives, but she doesn’t “represent all white people.”

040918 Bunner I dont represent all white people

Teresa really loves our President.  This screen grab is just one the of dozens of similar tweets.

Parents, it’s time to punch back twice as hard

Folks can read about Wake County’s latest taxpayer-funded social justice infusion in the Twitter moment below.  Then, ask yourselves, just how much more of this crap are we going to take? And on OUR DIME. Maybe it’s high time that parents showed up to the next school board meeting?

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