Warrant Issued for Cabarrus Charter Upper School Teacher

According to Cabarrus police, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Cabarrus Charter Upper School teacher.

Authorities are looking for Helena Hunter, who is a special education reading teacher in connection with footage of the teacher kicking a special needs student on December 4, 2017.

According to media reports, police went to Hunter’s home but found it ‘vacant’.

According to FOX 46, the school knew but did not inform the student’s parents for days and Hunter has resigned:

Berry says the school never notified her about the incident. Instead, she says she found out two days later from her son.

According to Reynolds, school administrators found out after Berry informed them, and then began an immediate investigation. During that time, Hunter resigned.

However, Bowers alleges the school knew about the incident the day it happened. He says Garrett reported what happened his guidance counselor.

Under current law, the school has to report this resignation and teachers have to give 30-day notice or face at least a one-year license revocation:

A teacher, career or probationary, who is not recommended for dismissal should not resign without the consent of the superintendent unless he or she has given at least 30 days’ notice. If a teacher who is not recommended for dismissal does resign without giving at least 30 days’ notice, the board may request that the State Board of Education revoke the teacher’s license for the remainder of that school year. A copy of the request shall be placed in the teacher’s personnel file. If a teacher’s criminal history is relevant to the teacher’s resignation, regardless of whether the teacher has given at least 30 days’ notice, the board shall report to the State Board of Education the reason for an employee’s resignation.”

The school issued the following statement:

Our highest priority is the safety and security of our students. Our special education staff is highly trained and deeply committed to the well-being of our special needs population. If an allegation of this nature comes to us, we immediately conduct a thorough investigation. Although we are not at liberty to discuss any personnel issues due to privacy laws, we can tell you that we do not tolerate any form of inappropriate discipline or actions with any of our students. We can say that Ms. Hunter is no longer employed at our school.

The State Board of Education lists the following actions against teacher licenses in NC for January 2018:

Palko Blair Vol. Surrender Other-Inappropriate interactions w/female student Jan 2018
Flowers Brandon Vol. Surrender Convicted-Crime against nature (solicit) Jan 2018
Greene Jessica Auto-Revocation Convicted-Sex act with student Jan 2018
McCoy Nathanael Vol. Surrender Other-Falsification of licensure documents Jan 2018

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  1. Stephan Kirsch says:

    You may want to clarify that the teachers listed at the bottom of the page do not teach at Cabarrus. It implies that it does and could pose a libel issue for you. Just some friendly advice.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Thanks for the concern, but before the list of names, it clearly says “The State Board of Education lists the following actions against teacher licenses for January 2018” with a direct link to the revocation list.

      I’ve added “in NC to that line” to make it clearer.


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