SPLC has become what they started out fighting against.

I’ve written a number of articles on the Southern Poverty Law Center.  In fact, I’ve written extensively on SPLC’s infiltration into our children’s classrooms through their ‘education arm’ called Teaching Tolerance.

SPLC does not like to be challenged. They blocked me on Twitter sometime in 2016.  I’m sure I am not alone and that has not stopped me from calling them out on a regular basis.

062716 LL1885 Blocked by SPLC

This organization, which arguably had good intentions at the start, has gone straight into far left partisan propaganda land.  SPLC once fought actual racism, now the group targets and labels individuals who disagree with their radical, far left ideology as racists, bigots, and terrorists.

SPCL’s false labeling suits the partisan division tactics of the Democrats on a regular basis. Case in point, SPLC’s labeling of Ben Carson as an “anti-LGBT extremist” suited the political purposes of the NC Democratic Party in 2016.


The SPLC has become so badly slanted, that both the FBI and DOD dropped them as resources in the last couple of years.

SPLC has become what they started out fighting against. They have become a hate group. But they are a well-funded hate group.

The ‘non-profit’ has raked in millions, paid their executives huge salaries and in recent years has been shuffling their money to offshore bank accounts.  That’s not sketchy at all.

Via Reason, John Stossel calls the SPLC what it has become – a scam.



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