Moral Monday Arrests: It’s a Family Affair

Yesterday, Reverend Barber and his Moral Monday faithful laid siege to the North Carolina General Assembly and, like most Moral Monday’s, there were arrests.

The group ranted, chanted and shouted insults about Republicans.

As it turns out, yesterday’s arrests were a tad different from in the past.

It would appear that being arrested was a family affair.

Rev. Barber was arrested. But, so was one of his children and his wife.


The Barbers – William, Rebekah (daughter) and Rebecca (wife)

Several others that were arrested also appeared to have familial ties.

Those arrested were charged with second-degree trespassing, save one. Kojo Nantambu had the additional charge of violating the legislature’s building rules.

A local ‘Indivisible Guide‘ group leader, Elena Ceberio, was also arrested.

Ceberio and her band of merry resistance fighters attempted to build a paper wall around Trump rally goers back in March.

The group’s stunt did not have the intended effect — the Trump rally goers cheered them on, chanting, “build that wall!”

In addition to the Barber Family Arrest outing, it should be noted around a third of those arrested had multiple previous arrests.

Last year, American Lens documented many of these individuals who had multiple arrests.

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Over 30 people were arrested at the legislature. Here they are.

This article first appeared at American Lens News on May 31, 2017.

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