Who is really suing the McCrory Administration over Public Records?

In the 24 hour news world we live in, you might have missed that a group called Real Facts NC has sued the McCrory administration over access to public records.  The records involve travel activity, including flights taken by the Governor.

WBTV has been covering this story and has become one of the plaintiffs. Here are there two articles to catch readers up to speed:

The More You KnowWho is Real Facts NC?

WBTV doesn’t give more than a 30,000 foot overview of who Real Facts NC is. WBTV has a one liner to describe them:

“The suit was filed on behalf of Real Facts NC, a liberal-leaning nonprofit.”

Gee, that’s as useful as a cutting a steak with a spoon.

The initial complaint is linked in the first WBTV story shows those filing it are Michael Weisel and Daniel Johnson of the Capitol Law group.

The mailing address used in the complaint is “P.O. Box 1093, Raleigh, NC 27602”.  This is fun, because that is the same address as “North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools” and it’s offshoot project, “LEAD NC“.

According to records at the NC Secretary of State, the actual mailing address of Real Facts NC is PO Box 806  Raleigh, NC 27602.  This is the same address that displays on the Real Facts NC website, which a WHOIS reveals was registered to Eli Kaplan, a Washington D.C. based Democrat political strategist.

The primary address listed is 1101 Haynes Street, Suite 205 Raleigh, NC 27604. That address belongs to Willis Johnson & Nelson LLPC  and to the Capital Law Group.

According to the NC Secretary of State, the original incorporation address for Real Facts NC was 434 Fayetteville St., Suite 2500, Raleigh NC. That’s the address for the Bailey and Dixon Law firm.

The North Carolina Secretary of State lists Michael Weisel as the contact for NC Citizens Protecting Our Schools.

Weisel is also the registered agent for both Progress NC and Progress NC Action. The NC Secretary of State showed the registration status for both Progress NC and Progress NC Action as “expired” when this article was written.

The Secretary of State lists Weisel as the registered agent for at least sixteen different organizations or groups.

Progress NC has also been linked to the teacher pay protest group, AIM Higher NowCommon Sense Matters and NC Futures Action Fund.

To recap, the McCrory Administration is being sued for these public records by yet another new group that traces back to the folks at Progress NC.


Real Facts NC Quick Stats:


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