NC High School Issues Reminder After Questionable Trump-Hitler Lesson

Last week, this site reported on a high school English teacher’s controversial lessons involving comparisons between Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

National and international outlets, such as FOX News and The Daily Mail UK, picked up the story.

In the wake of these lessons, this site has obtained an email that went out to staff at the school. The email reminds staff of the district policies on politics in the classroom, stating, “There are some places that personal, political viewpoints do not belong.”

Parents tell this site that the principal of Cedar Ridge High has assured them that the teacher, Amanda Harder, has been spoken to and also had district policy number 7700 reiterated to her. The principal has indicated that the English II class should proceed with the approved curriculum and that there should be no more biased discussions on political candidates.

A parent tells this site that they are not a Trump supporter but that, “I can’t believe what this woman was saying to these kids” and that they wonder what the reaction would have been had the teacher, “replaced Trump with Clinton or Obama” in the lessons.

According to a timeline given to me by students at the school which spans from  September 13 to the 20th, every single lesson Harder taught centered on Hitler and Donald Trump.

On September 12th, the timeline of events says that “Mrs. Harder was explaining Ethos, Paths and Logos and asked the class if she can think of anybody who shows a lot of Pathos. One of the kids says, ‘Trump’ and she agrees and says how much she hates him and thinks he’s an idiot.”

The next day, the 13th, was the date of the recording of another lesson on Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

On the 15th,  “We watch a Hitler speech and several Nazi propaganda videos and she compares Trump to Hitler and says during one of Hitler’s speeches about Marxism to replace the word Marxist with “terrorist.”

The next day, Harder gives the same lesson but is aware now that at least one student was upset and recorded her. Phones are collected and kept at the front of the class.

On Monday, September 19th,  Harder shows more Hitler videos to the class.  Among them is a TED video entitled, ‘Rise of Hitler’. According to the students the teacher, ” has us take notes on how easily it could happen again and to compare Nazi rhetoric with that of the Trump campaign.”.

One student took a screenshot of the course materials for the 19th, which includes the reviewing and comparing of rhetoric used by the Nazis only to that of the Trump campaign.

The lesson on the 20th of September is similar, and the students reported that they, “Watched some video then she talked for a long time comparing Trump to Hitler over and over again.”  Harder switches subjects at some point and one student tells me that Harder,  “started talking about HB2 and said if she and her kid were in a bathroom and a transvestite walked in, then she wouldn’t be scared but [be] worried about the safety of the transvestite .”.

*This article has been updated to include a correction on language used with regard to HB2.

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  2. VraisUSA says:

    Reblogged this on Vrais USA's Blog and commented:
    First they cry out about Equity and Fairness. Then they destroy only one political candidate but not others. So much for fairness.


  3. Fred says:

    Fire her and arrest her terrorism!


  4. Mat says:

    *Nothing “Questionable about it, This “teacher” is the NAZI*


  5. Kim says:

    Here’s the rub — an extreme leftist teacher, who spent a week spewing radical (and astonishingly ignorant) garbage to your kids instead of teaching English, gets a “talking to” by Orange County. Can you IMAGINE if the conversation was about Clinton instead of Trump?? Riots, protests, “Reverend” Barbour, BLM — the outrage would be unrelenting until this teacher was fired. Parents — are YOU going to accept this “move along” punishment? Or are YOU, the taxpayers, the adults, going to finally take a stand, push back against this crap and demand that this “teacher” be shown the door? When, I wonder, will conservatives actually fight back??


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