Non-Profit Co-Founder Blasts Wake Board of Commissioners over WCPSS Diversity

Calla Wright, co-founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African-American Children (CCCAC) recently sent emails to members of the Wake County Board of Commissioners complaining about the current student assignment plan in county’s school district.

The emails obtained by this site show Wright’s outrage over an article that appeared in the News and Observer. The article was about detailed a study by the Brookings Institute on diversity issues in Wake and Charlotte-Mecklenburg school districts.

Excerpt of the findings via News and Observer:

“Most CMS black students were in majority black schools, while most Wake County black students were in majority white schools,” writes Armor, a critic of busing for diversity. “The chart below shows very clearly that Wake County black students did not have higher test scores than CMS students, after adjusting for a student’s socioeconomic background.

“Moreover, the black-white gap was virtually identical in the two school districts.”

With regard to these findings by Brookings, Wright’s emails decry the Wake School Board’s demand for, “MO MONEY?!” and blasts the board over this “public embarrassment”:

“This article is a public embarrassment for those of us who marched and were apart of the earlier demonstrations to maintain diversity and balanced schools when republicans were in control of the school board.
WE sit back and say nothing about the school assignments now that we have a democratic school board!!?? Schools have reverted back to segregated student population, high poverty schools and have an increase in our low performing schools and low academic performance for black and brown children!  More MONEY, Mo Money from the County Commissioners! Is it all about MONEY! Show me the MONEY!
Who is accountable for this?!
This did not happened under the leadership of former superintendents Bill McNeal and Del Burns!”


Ms. Wright’s email mentions nothing about the boom of school choice in Wake County and in Charlotte-Mecklenburg school districts.  Nor does wright mention how the Wake School Board has ignored the big increase in students choosing to leave the traditional Wake county public school system under the current administration.

This site has previously reported on a group known as the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African-American Children (CCCAAC) as it pertains to the ‘school to prison pipeline’ narrative playing out in Wake County schools.

Calla Wright, alongside Moral Monday leader William Barber and a host of activist groups,  is one of the plaintiffs suing Wake County Schools and area sheriff’s over an alleged, ““a pattern of discrimination and unlawful criminalization” in Wake Schools.

As previously reported, the CCCAAC was founded by Calla and Gerald Wright in 2006.

The organization’s filings with the North Carolina Secretary of State show the CCCAAC is a 501(c)3. Despite the CCCAAC utilizing PayPal to collection donations, attempts to locate a single IRS 990 filing for the organization were unsuccessful.

CCCAAC has partnered in the past with WakeEd Partnership and are promoters of Common Core. CCCAAC also supports Common Core, which has been shown to have a possible racial bias inherent in the standards.

Over the last three to four years, Common Core test scores across the country over  have shown that scores for minority students have declined and the achievement gap has widened.

Left leaning political activists, Ajamu and Rukiya Dillahunt, are actively involved with the CCCAAC.

In 2014, CCCAAC pushed the idea of basically letting kids at ‘risk of failing’ have multiple bites at the apple, in part by getting rid of zeros in grading. This idea was spearheaded by Rukiya Dillahunt and the WCPSS board ate it up. Less than a year later, the Wake County School board withdrew the idea.

The CCCAAC member page has aligned itself with Black Lives Matter:

Please leave your name and contact information and someone will get back with you. Black Lives Matter Please get involved!

It should be noted that Ms. Wright is one of the plaintiffs who sued over the Wake County voting maps.

Selective OutrageThe 4th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in that case’s favor. The result was the Wake maps used this Fall will be the old maps from 2011 — the same ones which saw the current Wake County Board of Commissioners flip to 100% Democrat held and assisted the Wake School Board to become majority Democrat held.

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  1. Kim says:

    What a disgrace! When will any (racist) SJW ever stop wasting time and energy on skin color distribution and start focusing on academics?!? And they wonder why unemployment of African Americans is at record highs — these poor kids, raised by race activists, force fed racist memes, could give a flying flip about reading, writing and arithmetic. Shameful.


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