News Observer’s Fact Check on Teacher Pay Misses A Big Point

The headline at News and Observer reads, Teacher pay above $50,000 still wouldn’t be NC’s best ever.


Oh, really? Let’s rate this claim.

The article is penned by Will Doran, who is also one of the News and Observer staffers operating PolitiFactNC.

politifact-falseDoran seems to be relying only on the National Center for Education Statistics for his dollar figures.

Those figures look at base salary and don’t include supplemental pay. They do not include how state tax rates impact those salaries.  Doran therefore seems to be making the argument based on the value of the dollar using inflation only.

North Carolina’s tax rates have been revamped and lowered in the last 2-3 years (dropping to 5.75% single file rate). This means the net pay is higher now that it would have been in the past for any given salary, therefore we rate Mr. Doran’s claim false.

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Doran’s article bullet point says, “But accounting for inflation, North Carolina teachers have earned more” . 

Doran cites the NCES for this source, yet at the bottom of the table footnote 1 reads, “Constant dollars based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, adjusted to a school-year basis. The CPI does not account for differences in inflation rates from state to state.”

Doran’s article also didn’t look at the average experience or degree level of the teacher population for the years he cited.

*This article has been updated;current single file tax rate.

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    It would be nice when people look at teachers pay that said teachers have 3 months a year off along with multiple holidays most working folks dont get such as spring break, MLK day, etc! Based on the hours worked teachers get paid plenty!


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