#WCPSS School Board Channels Their Inner Atheist

The Wake County School Board is channeling their inner Atheist.
They are in search of a problem and have not considered the problem might be them.

News and Observer:

The recital of the Pledge of Allegiance in Wake County schools could come with a lesson about the way people have been coerced to recite the pledge during the nation’s history.

All North Carolina public schools are required under a 2006 state law to schedule time each day for students to recite the pledge, although students can’t be compelled to participate. But a proposed Wake County school board policy goes further to say the district’s citizenship curriculum “may encourage teachers to use the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance as an opportunity to teach students about the history concerning coercion and the importance of the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights.”

A school board committee recommended Tuesday sending the policy to the full board for approval. After the meeting, board members and school administrators said they were simply including language suggested by the N.C. School Boards Association.

Ya got that? Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance needs the context of historical ‘coercion’.

This board continues to search for problems that don’t exist.  They continue listening to Leftist outfits intent on infusing social justice and Leftist narratives into the Wake County School District.

Small wonder the charter and homeschool population in Wake is outpacing the rest of the state.

Who is whispering in the Board’s ear this time? Might it be the ACLU, who the article cites?

“Wake County’s citizenship curriculum offers an opportunity to underline for students the history of free speech in our country,” Christopher Brook, legal director of the ACLU of North Carolina, said in a written statement. “The curriculum is a great chance to reiterate the protections afforded us by the First Amendment, including those against the government compelling individuals to engage in speech.”

Free speech, huh?

Like an 11-year old in Maryland who spoke his mind about vegetarianism and was slapped with a 5 day lunchtime suspension by ‘anti-bullying specialists’ and had their case wind up in court?   Where was the ACLU on that one?
Ban all Things - Easily offendedThis looks like a long-time recycled issue to me.

If you have a problem with saying the Pledge of this nation because of the words ‘under God’ being in it, then one has bigger problems that are purely one’s own.

Solution? Don’t say it.

No one in the state of North Carolina is compelled to do so.

The Wake board knows this.

One has to wonder how much more this board can mess with before their terms come to an end this Fall.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte Mecklenburg school district, Supt. Ann Clark proposed an $805 million dollar bond for renovations, new schools and expansions.  This proposal comes a year after it was announced that the district was losing students, their estimate was off by a third and was at a 6 year low for enrollment.

Oh and it was uncovered that 3 teachers were arrested last year for assaulting students in the Charlotte Mecklenburg district last year.

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