Wake County School Board Gets Slap Down From NCGA On Pledge of Allegiance

Earlier in March, I wrote about the Wake County School board channeling their inner atheist in their latest bad idea. That bad idea is that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance should include a lesson on the historical ‘coercion’ of reciting said pledge.

2015 Merrill and KushnerThis has gotten the attention of the legislature. Oh my and GOOD.  This is by far one of their dumber ruminations.

An email from the Wake County GOP landed in my inbox that every parent should read:

Wake School Board vs. The Pledge of Allegiance
New policy pushes students, teachers to undermine the pledge and patriotic values

WAKE FOREST – Wake County’s Board of Education found another solution in search of a problem this week: The News & Observer reported Wake’s Democrat led school board is considering a new policy to undermine the Pledge of Allegiance and encouraged teachers to undercut patriotic values with young students.

Under current state law, passed by a Democrat-controlled legislature in 2006, North Carolina’s public schools schedule time each day to recite the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. The law states that students cannot be compelled to recite the pledge but shall maintain proper decorum while others participate.

That apparently doesn’t go far enough for Wake’s board members: They want teachers to use the pledge time to instruct students on how people refused to recite the pledge and salute the flag throughout our nation’s history.

When they were questioned, Wake’s elected School Board members blamed the state School Board Association and refused to take responsibility for the ACLU-backed policy, which they passed out of committee Tuesday and sent to the full board for consideration.

State Sen. Chad Barefoot (R-Wake) responded Thursday with a statement:

“The fact that our elected school board members would outsource a policy on something as important as the pledge of allegiance to the leftist ACLU and unelected School Board Association shows you how twisted and out of touch their priorities have become,” Barefoot said.

“This is a vivid reminder of the Democrat Party’s sharp left turn over the past decade. The same Party that passed the law protecting and preserving the pledge of allegiance is now trying to undermine and assault patriotic values.”

Contact the Wake County School Board and ask them,
“Please don’t change The Pledge of Allegiance.”


Email School Board Chairman, Tom Benton

Thank you Senator Chad Barefoot

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