Anti-Bullying Specialists in Maryland Commit Act of Bullying

A dispatch from the Free Speech Suppression In Our Schools Files:

Todd Starnes at FOX news has an article titled,  Student punished for criticizing vegetarian.

Here’s a quick summary:

An 11 year-old dared to criticize a vegetarian student and was summarily persecuted under a Maryland Montgomery Township school’s anti-bullying policies and hit with 5 lunchtime suspensions. According to the article, the district employs not one, but ten anti-bullying ‘specialists’.

The case landed in a courtroom. No, really. It did.

“The 2014 vegetarian smack down landed in the lap of an administrative judge after the local board of education affirmed the school’s findings.

On March 7, an administrative judge also upheld the local school’s handling of the matter.

This is what our nation’s public school system looks like, folks.”

We’re prosecuting kids for their opinions and calling it bullying.

Tar FeathersThis district and their ten ‘anti-bullying specialists’ have essentially committed an act bullying of their own with this case.

Tar. Feathers.


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