Wake Dems Decry ‘Politics of Fear’ While They Use It To Fundraise

Wake Democrats are hilarious.

Last night they sent out an email decrying ‘politics of fear’ with the special session of the NC General Assembly being called today to deal with the ridiculous and dangerous Charlotte Transgender bathroom ordinance.

Stay ClassyMeanwhile, the email itself is using ‘politics of fear’ quite literally — to fundraise.

Stay classy, Wake Democrats!

From the You Can’t Make This $hit Up Files:


There’s a lot that could be done with $42,000. Here are just a few of those things:

Roughly 42 body cameras
1 new public school teacher
38 defibrillators
600 6th grade social studies textbooks
Salary and benefits for a NC police officer
15,270 school lunches
14 bus stop shelters
19 homes in a tiny-house village to help fight homelessness
Worst of all, ONE DAY of legislating based on an ignorant fear of someone other than you.

By calling a special session, the General Assembly is making it clear that their politics of fear is more important than providing health care to lower-income North Carolinians or lowering class sizes in our public schools.

The Wake County Democratic Party will be fighting on the front lines to make sure we make the changes necessary to prevent this type of thing from happening.

Can you help us make that happen with a $42 contribution?

This type of rhetoric is not what North Carolina is about. Help us make sure Roy Cooper, Linda Coleman, and all of our strong Democrats on the ballot this fall have the help they need.

For “where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great”,

Brian Fitzsimmons

P.S. No one will be working harder to bring out the Democratic vote in Wake County in 2016. Help us today and make sure Democrats have as many boots on the ground as possible.

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