Iredell GOP Files Electioneering Complaint Against Our Schools First

Hey, remember that PAC, Our Schools First? The one in the Iredell area that was handing out political materials featuring little kids and many times, handing them out on school campuses?

One might recall my take down of one of their mouthpieces, James Hogan, who was regurgitating debunked claims about NC education and Progress NC talking points?

This Democrat leaning outfit has been apparently trying to mess in Republican elections in the area. Imagine that.

They’re back and the Iredell GOP has just filed an electioneering complaint against them with the Iredell Board of Elections.

The complaint letter says that Our Schools First was formed as a PAC to work specifically on a bond referendum and they are not supposed to have corporate sponsorship — yet they do, to the tune of over  $89k.

Here’s the letter:

The Iredell Republican Party
PO Box 292
Troutman, NC 28166

February 10, 2016

Ms. Becky Galliher
Iredell Board of Elections
203 Stockton Street
Statesville, NC 28677

Dear Ms. Galliher,

I’m writing to express my concern and to request a formal investigation into the Bond Referendum Committee known as Our Schools First (also known as Mooresville & Iredell & Mitchell Schools First). According to campaign finance filings in your office, the Committee is organized as a Bond Referendum Committee. As I’m sure you are aware, Bond Referendum Committees are organized for the purpose of supporting or defeating a bond referendum and are exempt from restrictions that prohibit donations from corporate sponsors. According to their reports, Our Schools First has received $89,500 in donations directly from corporations.

My concern is the committee is being used to improperly influence the upcoming Republican Primary election for County Commissioner, a matter completely unrelated to the bond issue they were established to support last election cycle. My theory is based upon candidate questionnaires that were mailed last week to Republican candidates for county commissioner. I have enclosed a copy of this questionnaire and of the postmarked letter from their committee. Furthermore, Diane Hamby, one of Our Schools First chief organizers, as reflected in their campaign finance reports, is a Democrat who has also filed for County Commissioner.

Based on these facts, I can only assume that this committee is intent upon circumventing campaign finance law. I appreciate your investigation into this matter.

Thank you,

Matt McCall
Iredell Republican Party
PS: There are also discrepancies in their 2015 Mid-Year Report and Year End Report. Namely a $40 check that lacks a required purpose that is made out personally to Lisa Gill, an organizer of the committee. There is also a $521.98 disbursement made to no one, but for the purpose of “clear up discrepancies found in books after Frank Rader’s death when books were passed to Vickie Sawyer.” Where did this money go? Finally, the Full Name, Mailing Address & Phone number field in the CRO 1310 Disbursements Year End report are incomplete.

Supporting documentation was also apparently sent:

I’ve been told that the Iredell Board of Elections has opened an investigation into Our Schools First and an audit is going to take place.

Well done, Iredell GOP!

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4 Responses to Iredell GOP Files Electioneering Complaint Against Our Schools First

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  2. HKelly says:

    How to spot a Dem in GOP clothing – They are always proud of being busted….


  3. You are so kind to write about us, Andrea. You might be surprised to know there are far more Republicans associated with Our Schools First than Democrats. That said, we are a non-partisan organization, and apparently we’re a much more successful organization than we first imagined. Not only did we work together in our community to pass an historic $131 million bond referendum, we’ve now struck such a nerve with our local GOP chair that he’s willing to engage in political maneuvering like this when other, more pressing issues await. And, of course, your coverage is another indicator of the impact of OS1. Thanks for your continued validation. Do tell our friends Matt and Bryan we said hello.


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