Politically Motivated Group Wonders If Complaint Against Them Is Politically Motivated

Last week, the Iredell GOP filed an electioneering complaint against Our Schools First (OS1) with the local board of elections. In a nutshell, OS1 was caught taking money they shouldn’t have and were messing with political races in the area when they were strictly supposed to be about a specific bond issue that was passed and is over with.

The reaction to my previous article was kind of funny. The conceited pillock who apparently speaks for them was to whine to me on Twitter about the article.

In a series of tweets, the pillock attempted to spin the situation. What ensued was hilarity.

First he said it was a big deal a ‘far right blogger’ was talking about them, then he told me my blog doesn’t make an impact.  ‘Far right blogger’, eh? Does that mean he’s perhaps ‘far left’ and making this political? Hang on to that nugget.

He finished with getting all antsy that I hadn’t published his comment on the article that was apparently ‘a sign you’re making a difference’ but on a blog that ‘doesn’t impact elections’.

Common Core. The Struggle is real:

The conceited pillock apparently issued a letter to the local paper about a “reorganization” of OS1. Let me summarize, it says ‘SEE. It’s in the paper. It’s all good! No harm, no foul?’. 

The reality is that the reaction of OS1 to the electioneering complaint was the paperwork equivalent of yelling, ‘OH SH*T!’.  I present to you the OS1 “reorganization” statement.

This section below seriously cracked me up. The pillock likely wrote it.
It has that same I’m-clueless-but-I-think-I-know-it-all-and-live-in-an-echo-chamber smell:

McCall’s concern? Or a political maneuver? 

What troubles our group most, however, is that Chairman McCall’s complaint seems motivated more by a political agenda than a concern for accuracy.

As our local Republican leader, McCall has frequently and publicly complained about the bond referendum, leaving little doubt that he does not support its constituent projects. After filing his complaint against OS1, McCall immediately contacted local media organizations–a clear political maneuver.

A politically motivated group wondering if the electioneering complaint filed against them by another political group might be… wait for it… politically motivated.

Captain ObviousWHAT ARE THE ODDS?!? Captain Obvious called, he’s officially embarrassed for you.

Also, it doesn’t seen like anyone is buying that you are concerned just with education and weren’t a political group before.

The pillock clearly is and almost gleefully so. You clearly were.  So own it. If you’re allegedly about ‘education’ then stop insulting our intelligence.

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