SHUT UP! They Explained At UNC BOG Meeting

Well, so much for civil discourse.

CHAPEL HILL — Protests turned violent during a Tuesday morning meeting of the UNC Board of Governors as students and faculty gathered once again to call for the removal of UNC president-elect Margaret Spellings, former secretary of education in the George W. Bush administration.

Four students were arrested after physically resisting police, and though at press time none has been identified publicly, all face charges for disrupting the meeting, according to Jeff McCracken, chief of the Campus Police at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The protests began in silence, but erupted into shouts and demands during the board’s discussion about program cuts at East Carolina University. Students swarmed the boardroom table, chanting and shouting before being removed forcibly by police.

Several students occupied the board members’ seats and used the microphones to shout and chant, “Stand up, fight back,” and “No justice, no peace.” One student took the gavel at the chairman’s seat and pounded it against the table in rhythm with the chants.

“See what you’re participating in?” One student yelled as officers escorted protestors from the room. “See what you’re allowing to happen to students? That’s some scary s–t. You’re letting a student be dragged out of here. What is wrong with you? You should all be scared. Look at what you’re doing to us!”

Law officers, who took several minutes to subdue the frenzy, say they acted well within the boundaries of the law as protestors showed unnecessary resistance. – Carolina Journal 1/26/16

SHUT UP!, the protesters explained.

The Daily Tarheel has the names of the protesters, one of which was also charged with assaulting an officer:

UNC Public Safety officers arrested and charged Irving Allen, Femi Mimi Brown Shittu, Jen Myers and Madeleine Scanlon with disrupting an official meeting and resisting arrest, according to a Facebook post by Bryan Perlmutter, director of Ignite NC, an activist organization focused on social justice issues in the state. 

Oh gee — according to “Bryan Perlmutter”. SHOCKER.  Perlmutter is involved in way more far left outfits than Ignite NC such as Education Justice Alliance (EJA), NC Coalition for Education Justice (NCCEJ), Student Power, Youth Organizing Institute (YOI), NC Queer Youth Power Coalition, Moral Monday and Occupy.

Further down in Carolina Journal article, we find this tidbit about who is pulling the protest strings:

No faculty members participated in Tuesday’s disruption, but professors made their sentiments known in a quiet protest before the start of the meeting.

“This is about Margaret Spellings leading the system in the wrong direction,” said Zach Robinson, professor of mathematics at East Carolina University. “Spellings holds a record of attacks on diversity. She has openly attempted to suppress positive depiction of a same-sex household on public television. As secretary of education she neglected to apply for millions in funding for historically black colleges and universities. We think there is ample evidence that she is not somebody who is prepared to accept the challenges of leading a diverse faculty and student body to success.”

Robinson, who has helped the Faculty Forward Network — a New York City-based coalition of professors, students, and parents affiliated with the Service Employees International Union — conduct a survey of 1,400 UNC faculty members, says that many professors are deeply unhappy with the direction of the system, particularly with the lack of funding for new construction.

I had been digging into Faculty Forward just prior to this turn of events.

seiu-at-workThey are 100% SEIU run and backed and are the equivalent of  the union driven protests to raise the minimum wage like “Fight for 15”.  They are also arm-in-arm with the NAACP on these events.

Make no mistake, this is about creating unions in Higher Ed institutions.

Here are the ABC’s of Faculty Forward for those who wish to look into them.

Main missions:
Targeting of ‘For Profit’ colleges”
Targeting of Margaret Spellings as UNC System President
Targeting “underpaid” professors
Unionizing Higher Education Faculty

(Registered by Proxy)

Registrant Organization: Service Employees International Union
Registrant Street: 1800 Massachusetts Ave NW Lower Level – IT
Registrant City: Washington
Registrant State/Province: DC
Registrant Postal Code: 20036


(mentions their affiliation with the SEIU and analogy to being just like “Fight for 15”)

At the bottom of the Faculty forward website donation page is this text:

Faculty Forward Network is a project of the New World Foundation , a New York nonprofit corporation exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. NWF supports an inclusive democracy through creating alliances locally and building movements nationally. Donations to NWF are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes in accordance with applicable law. Financial and other information about NWF’s purpose, programs and activities can be obtained by contacting Beata Pudelko at 666 West End Avenue, Suite 1B, New York, NY 10025 or 212-249-1023 

Appears to launder non-profit group donations and redistribute them.
EIN: 13-1919791
Propublica Profile:


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