NC Political Campaign Run By Student Shows How #APUSH Indoctrinates

If you haven’t heard of the controversy surrounding APUSH (Advanced Placement US History) before, you will likely be hearing more about it after reading this.

Over the last year,  APUSH was given a controversial new framework by the College Board as headed up by Common Core architect, David Coleman. Of note in this APUSH framework rewrite is North Carolinian, Ted Dickson. I’ve included a set of APUSH articles at the end of this piece for those who want more information.

Without question, the new framework watered down true U.S. history in favor of ‘global’ history themes, downplayed major events and frankly, was rife with progressive and social justice agenda themes.  Also without question is that much of APUSH usurps state and local curriculum standards and laws.

In fact, APUSH was so bad, one state’s education committee moved to ban it.

The Left and the College Board poo-poo’d the criticisms, yet altered the framework yet again in response. By the way parents, NC’s Superintendent June Atkinson defended the new APUSH and ran a nasty little smear campaign in the media to accompany that defense.

In an article published by the Washington Post this week, we see that APUSH matters. The article covers a teacher in North Carolina is running for political office.

The teacher’s name is Richard Nixon and he’s running for the NC General Assembly in Johnston county. According to his latest campaign report, he has $307 dollars on hand. Unfortunate name aside, the seat Nixon is running for was held by powerful Republican Leo Daughtry, but after 12 terms, Daughtry has said he is not seeking reelection this year.

One can view Nixon’s “Planet History” page at Corinth High School here.  Nixon has conveniently moved his lectures linked on that page to a “Google classroom” that only students can access.

Nixon’s bio says he is a member of the NEA, the NCAE and OAH — one of the groups who heavily influenced the controversial re-write of APUSH.

Oh and there’s a lovely picture of him with former President Jimmy Carter on it.

Running his campaign is a former student, Tanner Glenn, who says he had ‘no idea’ what Nixon’s political leanings were.  Yeah, right. Hard to miss that shot with one of the worst presidents in history on your teacher’s bio page, there Tanner.

Tanner credits APUSH with flipping him from Republican to Democrat.  No, I’m not exaggerating.

Excerpt from the Washington Post:

Glenn, an activist with the local Democratic Party and a volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said that when he heard Nixon had filed for office, he knew immediately that he wanted to help. It was Nixon’s Advanced Placement class in U.S. history that inspired him to become politically active, Glenn said.

Glenn grew up in a Republican family and considered himself a Republican for most of his life; he interned for the North Carolina GOP when he was 16.

Then he took Nixon’s class, he said, and though Glenn never knew his teacher’s political leanings, the experience pushed him to think more deeply about his own political beliefs.

Class time was reserved for hands-on activities and explorations of primary source documents. Nixon’s lectures were delivered on videos that students watched at home, and they often featured cameo appearances by his pug, acting as various historical characters.

And in that way, the teacher turned history into a series of stories about real people to whom Glenn could relate. He particularly admired Theodore Roosevelt for his efforts to establish national parks and bust monopolies to force fair competition among businesses.

The summer after taking Nixon’s class, Glenn volunteered for the state Democratic Party, and he found he agreed with the view that government can and should play a significant role in addressing social problems.

GEE — Indoctrination much?!

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  1. georgezeller says:

    So kind of you! I would think you would have a higher opinion of your minions.


  2. georgezeller says:

    So…Lady “Liberty” is an expert on US History curriculum….? Perhaps education, in general, is what Lady “Liberty” fears…


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Now, George, you’re Common Core close reading is failing you.
      Where did I say I was an expert?
      Your ad hominem attack using a tax payer funded email is noted.


      • georgezeller says:

        Well…I’m glad you admit you are not, that is a start. Maybe Common Core next?


      • A.P. Dillon says:

        I’ve forgotten more about Common Core than you’ll ever know. Sorry.
        When are you read to admit you’re a petty troll, George?


      • georgezeller says:

        Trolling is a successful method to catch , meaningless. mean spirited, and unenlightened statements …”Such steps are hallmarks of most self-proclaimed “social justice” campaigns.” link to some of those standards you have forgotten


      • A.P. Dillon says:

        The only thing your trolling on this article does is further my point. Thanks!

        Parents in Ashe county should be concerned with you in the classroom.


      • georgezeller says:

        You are sorely misjudging parents. Parents want their children to be challenge by a rigorous curriculum. When a question appears difficult or confusing, they expect teachers to determine the root of the problem and not simply blame the standard and the federal government. Parents appreciate their children being able to critically read a passage and determine when an argument is sound and the evidence is relevant and sufficient. They want their children to recognize when irrelevant evidence is introduced (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.8.8)… I sense you fear that type of reader.
        George Zeller


      • A.P. Dillon says:

        Nothing you’ve written here has anything to do with the article, George. It’s a nice dodge.

        Parents don’t want their children learning skewed history, George. I sense you fear that type of parent.

        I’ve censored your post. I will not be responsible for someone potentially harassing you because you were dumb enough to post your name, address and phone number on my blog.


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