NC Media Quote ‘Just A Teacher’ After Common Core Meeting – #ASRC

isnt-common-core greatFolks in North Carolina know how Google challenged our media are. Friday’s reporting on the NC Common Core Commission was no exception.

Several outlets cited ‘Teacher Amanda Garrison’ as relieved that Common Core was ‘saved’ and at least one had video of her inaccurately disparaging the Minnesota math standards.

Quote from WNCN:

“It’s not been proven to be any better than what Common Core has to offer,” said Amanda Garrison, a Burke County teacher. “ I am a Common core advocate so I will say that I am against changing our standards for K-8.”

Dear Ms. Garrison, actually yeah – Minnesota does have proof – their test scores.

By the way, there is no proof Common Core is better than Joe Blow standards from Idaho and there never was, no matter what the Fordham Institute said with their Bill Gates funded ‘standards’ scoring report.

At least she was honest and stated up front she’s an advocate of fundamentally flawed and age inappropriate standards.

None of the reports noted that Ms. Garrison is a very politically active and devoted NCAE member — and a rather clueless one at that:

I attended nearly every single ASRC Common Core meeting. I’d never seen Ms. Garrison there before. Perhaps she was, but there’s no evidence that she’s never spoken out until yesterday.

I’m fairly sure  NCAE’s Mark Jewell brought her along to fill that ‘just a teacher’ role for the media. Remember what Jewell said after the first ASRC meeting in September 2014?

They are standards supported by NCAE, the state’s largest teacher advocacy group.

“We’ve got educators who are going to have a voice at the table,” said NCAE Vice President Mark Jewell.

Jewell says there are two NCAE members on the commission and he hopes they’ll help hold the line.

“We hope that the same standards will be used and may be branded with a North Carolina title,” said Jewell.
– ABC11 09/22/14

Two of the commissioners are NCAE members? Would  Jeffrey Isenhour be one of them?

Well, we won’t find that out anytime soon I bet seeing has how the NCAE violated the law and has refused to furnish the NC State Auditor with membership information after multiple requests.

Attorney General Roy Cooper has been silent on this matter since the NCAE endorsed his run for Governor.

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  1. brackenkaren says:

    Education is NOT about getting a job. When you start believing that we send kids to school to get a job then you are signing your kids over to the federal government to be trained as obedient human capital for the global economy. Is THAT what you had children for? Not me. GET EM OUT of the system while you still can.


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