What They’re Saying About Education in #NCED – (10/02/15)

NCED IconHere are some quick hits about education in North Carolina.

Some of you may have seen the “Wallet Hub” rankings of the Best and Worst states for teachers. North Carolina was listed as number 50 of 51. The Left is making a big deal of it, shocker right?

This is the same outfit who did this ‘ranking’ for the first time last year and Kay Hagan used it in her campaign.  You can read my take-down  of that story here.

I’ve obtained North Carolina’s data sets and will be taking a closer look at it. A cursory glance at it so far leads me to believe their conclusion and our state ranking aren’t quite right. Go figure, since it’s based mostly on data from a teachers union.

Update: Terry Stoops at John Locke beat me too it with , A closer look at the WalletHub data. I’ll still be taking a closer look myself.

#1 – KEA: Big Government Comes to Kindergarten

#2 – Former Union County Board Member Marcella Savage Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charges

Marcella Ramirez Savage, 42, of Waxhaw, was charged with two counts of swearing falsely to official reports, two counts of obtaining repairs and supplies for private a vehicle, and one count of enforcement of local government finance.

Savage’s attorney said his client has a lot of shame and wanted to take responsibility for her actions. Savage faced 45 days in jail but since she plead guilty to the local and state charges she received 12 months probation and must re-pay $1223.97.

#3 – You Will Be Made To Care: CMS to create video to address transgender issues


It gets worse… teaching tolerance is involved: http://www.cdc.gov/lgbthealth/youth-resources.htm#school

Also see: Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History: Teaching materials for educatorsExternal Web Site Icon from Teaching Tolerance

#4 – Teacher Pay: If a $750 bonus is an “insult,” then please insult me
Related: What’s missing from discussions on teacher pay

#5 – DPI examines State Funding Trends in Education

#6 – The Education Budget: Three Things You Should Know

#7 – Contracts presented to the State Board of Education for October, 2015

#8 – 28 New Charter School Applications

Twenty-eight nonprofit boards submitted applications to open public charter schools in August 2017. A spreadsheet of applicants is available on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Office of Charter Schools’ website.

#9 – SAS’s Ann Goodnight perpetuates STEM Myth While Bemoaning ‘Skills Gap’.

I tried posting a comment for two days on the article, it was finally let through by the moderators. Go read it.

#10 – Opportunity Scholarship expansion narrowly defeated

#11 – In case you missed it, I’ve been on Freedom Action Network Radio a few times in the last week talking about Education and the Legislature. 

#12 – So, Is June Atkinson running or not?

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