Here Comes The Teacher Resignation Narrative… Again.

Over at WBTV, the headline looms: Nearly 1,000 CMS Teachers Resign As Educators Lobby Lawmakers.

The thrust of the article is that teachers are resigning in “unprecedented” numbers in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools.  Note the article does not include a breakout of the data or the reasons for resignation.

From the WBTV article:

While state lawmakers work on that, reaction is coming in concerning the number of teachers in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) who resigned. CMS says 957 teachers resigned – called it quits.

“That is horrible,” Lyde said. “That is unprecedented.”

CMS says that number doesn’t stand out and is no different than any other years. Others disagree.

“900 teachers resigning,” Lyde said. “In one system is unheard of in my 33 years of education. This is a crisis point and people need to wake up.”

Waddell is also concerned about that number.

“That’s a lot,” Waddell said. “We can’t afford to lose teachers to other states so we got to make sure we are taking care of our own.”

 Unprecedented! Crisis! Teachers leaving for other states!
CMS: No.


We’ve seen this movie before.  It was a movie about ‘alarming’ teacher turnover rates which played in Wake county last year.  That movie proved to be based on assumptions that were, after the news cycle did it’s damage, false.

Narrative keanuThat movie won’t play again this year in Wake County since resignations dropped 14%. What’s a politically motivated set of Ed activists to do? Find a new district to complain from.

Some of the same actors from last year’s movie (Public School Forum NC, NCAE) are involved, plus a few new ones . One of the new players, as this renewed effort is based in CMS, is MeckEd.

In fact, Public School Forum NC has a dedicated forum just for this issue. Handy!  So handy that Yevonne Brannon‘s Education Protest Non-Profit group is linking to it; expect Public Schools First NC to engage more down the road in Wake County.

MeckEd might sound familiar — they were integral in conducting politically tied protest maneuvers in certain CMS schools last year.

One final thought…
One has to wonder if Senate Bill 333 has anything to do with the timing of the ‘teacher pipeline crisis’ and renewed concern about resignations.

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