ACT to Advise Colleges About Prospective Students Using Info Not Available on Student Reports

Here comes ACT deciding what your child will pursue based on test scores.
Bonus: ACT doesn’t tell you (the parent) anything about it.

Reminder: ACT and it’s products are Common Core aligned.

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ACT is revamping its test, creating new scoring subscales and combining other scales in new ways– and it also plans to advise colleges and universities regarding predicted student success in given majors.

Thus, ACT is intentionally shifting its role from reporting test scores to advising postsecondary institutions regarding admissions decisions.

There’s more:

Students will not be privy to the advice ACT is offering regarding ACT’s predictions of student success. None of this info will be part of the student score report. Such info will be between ACT and postsecondary institutions.

And not only does ACT believe it has a right to both form and communicate its opinions of student success to colleges and universities; ACT is fine with forming some of its judgments based upon unverified, volunteered student self-report information.

All of the above info and more can be found in this June 22, 2015, Examiner article written by DC…

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  1. kathy says:

    U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (whose degrees are in Sociology, not education) said he was looking forward to a time when the government could TRACK every child from preschool through college and into employment. This looks like part of it. Why is the government TRACKING children at all or trying to control their educational choices? Isn’t this totalitarian state tactics? The more they know about you, the more they control you. Did everybody read Orwell’s “1984” or is that banned in today’s classrooms?


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