Let’s Face It, Government Dictated School Lunches Suck

Here, have a leaf. It's healthful. Me? I'm having the cheeseburger. With Fries.

Here, have a leaf. It’s healthful. Me? I’m having the cheeseburger. With Fries.

Michelle Obama’s initiative to dictate what schools can and can’t sell has gone over as well as discovering a pickle in a peanut butter sandwich.

Heck, even a Second grader said FLOTUS ruined Taco Tuesday.

For a few years now, we’ve seen the students in public schools reject the government regulated school lunches.  They’ve turned up their noses, tweeted pictures of the rather disgusting items deemed ‘good for them’ by our Lunch Overlords.

For fun, go search “My School Lunch Sucks” on Twitter.  Parents are in that Twitter mix:


Now kids are turning to condiments like salt and pepper to ease the pain.  These kids are so desperate, they are selling salt and pepper in the halls, however, these items are “contraband”.

Washington Examiner:

School lunches are so bland that kids are selling salt and pepper to spice them up, a school official told lawmakers Wednesday.

This “contraband economy” is result of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Of 2010, said John Payne, a school board president in Indiana.

The 2010 bill directed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to create national standards for food served and sold in schools, which included limits on what could be served and how much, as well as a maximum amount of calories that can be included in school meals.

Payne, president of the Blackford County School Board in Hartford City, Ind., told House lawmakers that students in his school district have been “caught bringing in — and even selling — salt, pepper and sugar in school to add taste to perceived bland and tasteless cafeteria food.”

Payne said the USDA standards are strangling school districts by making them provide food students won’t eat in addition to increasing the cost of lunch for school districts.

Stay with me here, because North Carolina participates in this micromanaging nanny state lunacy.  Washington Examiner continues:

Lynn Harvey, of North Carolina’s school nutrition services, testified that participation in school meals has dropped 5 percent in North Carolina under the new restrictions even as enrollment has increased.

Ninety percent of North Carolina school nutrition directors said a requirement that all grains must be whole grain is the main culprit, Harvey said.

For example, Harvey said that since breakfast biscuits were switched to whole grain, participation in breakfast has dropped in 60 percent of her state’s school districts.

“No amount of training or technical assistance for schools will change students’ distaste for foods that look and taste unappealing to them,” she said.

How much food is wasted?  How much money is going into the garbage along with uneaten food?

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  1. kathy says:

    When Michelle O put all American’s school children on an involuntary diet by demanding that the school lunches reduce (1) calories, (2) fats, and (3) carbs, a few important things never crossed her mind. For many of those children on free or reduced price lunches, this is their MAIN MEAL of the day! And she just took away needed calories, fats, and carbs from them. She left them hungry. Because budgets are limited, the school cafeterias CANNOT buy all the fresh fruits and veggies she suggests, let alone meat and cheese, so the kids get some strange-looking protein dishes they won’t eat and weird combinations, like one slice of whole wheat bread and an apple. Period. That was the total lunch for high schoolers in one area. The First Lady has NO credentials in nutrition, and she needs to butt out.


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