More Proof Moms Are Wiping the Floor with Policy Wonks

Government here to help common coreToday, the PR firm, EducationNC, has an article by Public Schools Forum NC’s Keith Poston.

It is a rather long post, littered with inflammatory rhetoric aimed at Common Core opposition. The entire piece is based on the false assumption Common Core are higher standards.

What this article says to me is that the Chamber of Commerce and the associated cabal of Common Core supporters are in panic mode.

Why? The Academic Standards Review Commission might actually be doing the job intended. Supporters can’t let that happen.

Throughout the piece, certain quotes are put in large font.  These are narratives being put down.

“Some commissioners don’t think all children can meet high standards.”

“Teachers, particularly beginning teachers, strongly endorse the current standards, but their voices are being lost in the debate.”

“Common Core foes want badly to avoid engaging directly with the current standards.”

“Conclusion: Adhering to the law and listening to teachers can make our standards, and our state, even stronger.”

The first one is a direct attempt to undermine the Academic Standards Review Commission’s work.

The second one is patently false and has no data to support it. In fact, quite the opposite.

The third one is a direct slam on parents who have seen the mess that Common Core is first-hand and have done their research.

The last one is akin to saying, ‘we’re the experts, listen to us and stop believing your lying eyes’. Alternatively, ‘we know what’s best for your kids, silly parents’.

UPDATE: Civitas takes Mr. Poston to task in a very detailed and frank manner in the article Public School Forum Declares Book Closed on Common Core, Whistles past Many Shortcomings



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