Parents Against The Common Core: Moms are wiping the floor with Policy Wonks

Meet Parents Against The Common Core — A response to the incredible backlash against the Common Core Standards has emerged.

Led by an advisory board of Jenni White, Heather Crossin, Heidi Huber and Gretchen Logue, the Common Core Parents now have a rallying point.

The opening paragraph on their about page says it all:

Americans have become increasingly frustrated with the Common Core Standards (CCS) and related assessments, which were forced on an unwilling populace by bureaucratic institutions and corporate interest groups.  The failure of non-responsive school administrators and detached politicians to respond to these concerns has ignited parental outrage, and a challenge to the Common Core has risen up from the people. Across the country, parents and teachers have formed a network of grassroots activists dedicated to fighting the Common Core and restoring the people’s right to govern the education of their children.

Jenni White from Oklahoma nails it in this video, where she points out that, “the moms and the dads — the parents who are really studying know more about this than the education policy wonks. These moms that have come up…have provided so much more of the conversation than anybody who would be considered a ‘policy group’, for example, or even at the state level of government. I think moms are just wiping the floor with these people.

Watch :

Be sure to check out more videos of  “Real parents, Real Stories“.

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