Common Core: How Many Teachers And Parents Have To Leave?

Another teacher has resigned over the Common Core testing.

This time it’s the winner of the top teacher award given out by the Live With Kelly And Michael show. This teacher is from Ohio. I wonder if John Kasich will call her resignation ‘hysterical‘?

“Gasps of disbelief” accompanied her announcement.

Why gasps?

Is the general public that clueless on Common Core and how out of control testing in our schools has become? Or are they listening to demagogues like Jeb Bush, who can’t figure out why parents and students are complaining — after all, kids in China don’t complain.

How many teachers have to leave?  How many parents have to pull their kids out? What is it going to take before the edu-business complex stop pushing this fundamentally flawed experiment and the related train wreck tests?

What is it going to take?

Instapundit has the full story linked over at his site.

I’ll close with a video from 2013.  Educator Beth Dimino raged at NY state’s Education Commissioner John King over Common Core and its testing as child abuse. Since then, King has taken a comfy seat next to Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

I hope this video ‘awakens more mommies’.



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