The Last #NCSPIN of 2014

NCSPIN Upside DownThe video of the last NC Spin of the year has been posted.

Part truthiness and part chuckle-worthy.


Line up for the final NC Spin of 2014 was:

  • Brad Crone, Political Consultant
  • Becki Gray, Columnist, Carolina Journal
  • Chris Fitzsimon, NC Policy Watch
  • John Hood, President of the John Locke Foundation
  • Tom Campbell, Moderator

Full Video Link.

Highlights and take-aways:

  • Beginning topic: Coal ash was a big deal. It’s bad. It’s a bill citizens will ultimately foot.
  • According to Gray, we’re still a purple state despite holding Republican majorities all over the place.
  • Medicaid is a big deal. It’s a fight about money.
  • Unaffilitated, white voters killed Democrats in the election according to Crone. Especially the rural unaffiliated voters. Possible Subtexts: Racists white voters beat us. How do Democrats further capitalize on low info unaffiliated voters? 
  • Fitzsimon nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to salvage the Moral Monday voter suppression theme after John Hood savaged it with … facts.
  • Crone laments that Democrats were ‘beat over the head with Obama‘ all over the state.
  • John Hood tried to break down Common Core opposition. Hood also says the Dept. of Public Instruction is not trusted — also, the sky is blue. He then advocates for taking part of Common Core in the ongoing re-write. This is bad advice; it ignores the standards are copyrighted.  After you listen to what he said, read this and realize his answer on NC SPIN is informed by being part of it.
  • Wainstein report. Fitzsimon calls it a ‘serious black eye’ and that college sports are a ‘charade’.
  • NC SPIN person of the year nominations:
    Gray: Thom Tillis
    Fitzsimon: Phil Berger
    Hood: Dan Kane (N&O reporter who broke UNC scandal) and Mary Willingham (Source for UNC story)
    Crone: Thom Tillis

    Names from other panelists on past shows:
    Howard Coble



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