More Protests At Durham Area Mall

Another round of protests at Streets at Southpoint in Durham this past Tuesday according to WNCN:

“at 8:45 p.m., Twitter user @ExodusReign tweeted, “How we dodged the police tonight was brilliant #ShutItDown #durham”

Wait, what?
Dodging police? I thought their beef was with police.

This is the kind of dumb that went on and got dumber as it was tweeted:

Utter self-awareness fail.
It’s not white obliviousness, it’s called laughing at your dumb asses lying on the mall floor.
More dumb below. Clearly Kareem missed where the shooter said he was going to put “wings on a pig” today:

Uh, NYPD protesters were chanting about murdering cops? Stay classy, protesters who crashed the NYPD memorial.

Oi.. vey…Because Old Navy has what to do with protesting the police? (more)

Happy Holidays! Because nothing says Christmas spirit like making your kids attend a protests and hold your crappy sign. What wonderful memories of the holidays these kids will have.


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