Governor Business Wants Eyes On NC Board of Education

Governor Business inserts another business person into education. I know, you’re shocked. This isn’t the first appointment for Davis by McCrory though. Mayor Pat appointed Davis as Chair, City of Charlotte Privatization /Competition Advisory Committee.  I smell a policy guy.

Davis is taking over for Marcella Savage who has ‘distractions’ involving tax payer dollars going on.  Savage also is on the BEST NC ‘2020 Vision Initiative’ working groups list. Will Davis also be taking over for Savage there? Or perhaps Heath Morrison, since Davis has an affinity for the resigned Superintendent?

Excerpt from Charlotte Observer; emphasis added:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member Eric Davis was named to the N.C. Board of Education on Tuesday, Gov. Pat McCrory’s office announced.

Davis, a senior vice president with Wells Fargo Corporate Real Estate Group, has served on the local board since 2009, chairing it for his first two years. McCrory cited his “strong background in education oversight” leading the state’s second-largest school district.

Education oversight. 
We’ll see what that means.

Related – It doesn’t seem Mr. Davis is excited about charter schools as they are too expensive to be efficient. Yet, CMS’s budgeting is apparently efficient?


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