‘Mostly Peaceful’ Protesters Leave Molotov Cocktail Behind

Last Friday night, protesters gathered in Durham to protest ‘aggressive’ police tactics.  I found tweets mainly from December 5th, but some into the morning of December 6th which were referencing protests in the Durham area. According to WRAL, they were ‘largely peaceful’.

“Largely peaceful”, except for windows smashed in:

The protest was located at the Durham Performing Arts center and took place as a show was letting out sometime around 10 pm last Friday evening.  The ‘mostly peaceful’ protesters also left behind a molotov cocktail according to WRAL:

Officers responded to a call about a suspicious device in the 600 block of Foster Street between West Geer Street and West Corporation Street. They found an undetonated device – a bottle with a wick and a petroleum-based liquid inside of it. The device was safely removed from the area, authorities said.

Gee, was Occupy on hand?

WRAL reported the names of some 31 protesters who were arrested for failing to disperse and/or blocking traffic. The list is below. The same list with charges included is at News and Observer. I’ve linked any interesting bits to their names.

  • Austin Marie Bouton, 24, of Durham
  • Susan Catherine Edgerton, 32, of Durham
  • Chelsea Amanda Flowers, 29, of Durham
  • Adrienne Liege Harreveld, 21, of Durham
  • Tamika Monique Heard, 21, of Durham
  • Aaron Alexander Caldwell, 21, of Raleigh
  • Susan Anne Pietroluongo, 23, of Apex
  • Akeem Zarhar Cheek, 29, of Durham
  • Morgan Anne Brooks, 25, of Raleigh
  • Sara Taylor, 26, of Durham
  • Allison Charlotte Swaim, 26, of Durham
  • Kathleen Rebecca Yow, 28, of Hillsborough
  • Kellie Ann Grubbs, 28, of Graham
  • Alexandria Leigh Stewart, 22, of Durham
  • Masha Taskindoust, 21, of Durham
  • Dominique A. Beaudry, 21, of Concord
  • Gabrielle Karine Beaudry, 18, of Concord
  • Laurin Michelle Gioglio, 29, of Carrboro
  • Natalie Frances Smith, 33, of Durham
  • Kenneth M. Strickland, 29, of Durham
  • John Charles Thornton, 28, of Durham
  • Crystal Larence Eatmon, 19, of Durham
  • Rachel Anna Cotterman, 26, of Hillsborough
  • Danielle Katherine Nelson, 22, of Durham
  • Lauren Brooks Parker, 30, of Durham
  • Erin Bree Heuerman, 32, of Durham
  • Asha Renee Godfrey, 22, of Graham
  • McKenna Elizabeth Ganz, 21, of Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Abigail Victoria Harris, 25, of Chapel Hill
  • Lydriquez Blount, 26, of Durham
  • Charles William Soeder, 28, of Durham



FYI to parents with school aged kids – From the list, is a pair of sisters with the last name Beaudry. Turns out Dominique Beaudry is a 2014 Duke Truman Scholar who plans to become a teacher and has a history of protesting.  See her video on Amendment One. Don’t miss the class project video where her friend mocks Republicans.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips: APDillon@Protonmail.com
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26 Responses to ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Protesters Leave Molotov Cocktail Behind

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  8. Deborah J. Arbes says:

    I am sorry, I don’t get the comment “FYI parents of school aged children” … are you trying to warn us that our children may someday be taught by one or both of this sister pair? I, for one, would be “over the moon” excited if even one of my daughter’s teachers had Dominique Beaudry’s intellect, education, energy or most importantly her passion for teaching and social equality. As for her “history of protesting”, I would think that you, of all people, would respect that background in a future teacher. You have clearly felt empowered to make your views public, so why would you not respect a young person for actively expressing theirs.

    There is so much apathy among young voters today we desperately need teachers who can inspire students to become full participants in the future of our democracy. We need people who can convince the next generation that their voices, whatever their political opinions, can be heard and are important to the ongoing progress of the nation our founding fathers clearly saw, not as a stagnant pool where passive sheep would come to drink, but as a roaring river that would ultimately carve out a revolutionary new type of government. A government that would evolve with the future and as Thomas Jefferson stated “will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate which, would be oppression.” Anyway, please excuse my digression, but I firmly believe that Dominique Beaudry, and those like her represent the best of her generation and a positive direction for our future as a respected nation. Considering her numerous awards and scholarships, apparently many others share my opinion.

    As for Dominique’s sister, Gabrielle, only pet owners need to be concerned, and then only if they do NOT desire the best care possible for their four legged friends. Gabby is on track to become one of the most caring and kind veterinarians one could ever imagine, and I am so delighted to say she is my daughter’s long-time best friend!


    • Yes, that line was a warning.
      As a parent, I would want to know if my child’s teacher had a penchant for participating in protests involving being arrested for laying down in multi-lane traffic, resisting arrest and failure to disperse.

      ” I would think that you, of all people, would respect that background in a future teacher. “

      Do you hear yourself?


      • Deborah J. Arbes says:

        You totally missed my point. Because this is the United States, those citizens had the right to voice their opinions, just as you do, as it has been judged that they broke the law in doing so, they will gladly bear the consequences. There have been many times in our history that citizens have needed to peacefully, yet very publicly, protest in order to create the momentum for change. This was a peaceful protest. Everything that is “exceptional” about our country was created by people who had the courage to lay down in the multi-lane traffic of their time. I would be happy to have my children taught by a future teacher who has such courage.


      • I didn’t miss your point. Protests are part of being American, I don’t dispute that.
        You miss my point.

        ” I would be happy to have my children taught by a future teacher who has such courage.”

        I would not.


    • Dan Orlovsky says:

      “There is so much apathy among young voters today we desperately need teachers who can inspire students to become full participants in the future of our democracy.”

      We need teachers who inspire students to create, build, and give them the motivation to see their ideas come to life. Not create another round of angry professional voters.


  9. Let us look at another one of these fine upstanding citizens — One Lydriquez Blount, 26, of Durham. He was charged with failure to disperse and impeding the flow of traffic according to the MSM.

    A little Investigative Journalism turns up his recent past. He is a big time thug — Multiple Felonies.

    Looks to me as if there are over 6 DIFFERENT Felony Counts all consolidated on the DoC site;
    “Conviction Date: 07/11/2012 — Total Supervision Term: 36 MONTHS — Commitment Type: PROBATION/PAROLE”

    [Note: For those of you who support Common Core, let me help you out … 36 months from July 2012 is JULY 2015]


    Respectfully submitted by SD2010.


  10. Chris Weaver says:

    Seems someone hit the nail on the head to generate so much wailing. Keep shining a light LL.
    I would like to participate in the next mob fest, I’ll bring two fresh dead pole cats and a sign that says racism/social (un)justice stinks.


  11. Charlene, if anything you’re the trainer of this social degenerate/miscreant and should be ashamed of yourself for raising your daughter to turn out like she has. However sadly, you and your mentally ill ilk could never view what you do as being harmful to society.


  12. Jerry says:

    Calling this reporting is comedy


  13. Wow says:

    “There was an erroneous report (Friday) night that a police car had been damaged, but we could not locate a damaged vehicle,” she said.

    Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/12/06/4381883/police-say-explosive-device-found.html#storylink=cpy


    • Wow says:

      Please finish your research, Lady Liberty, and stop brainwashing innocent families with your biased view. Not only was there no property damage to businesses or police, but there were also many other sides to the issue that you should consider:

      “Durham police have come under strong criticism on multiple fronts in the past two years, including allegations of racial profiling in traffic stops and the use of tear gas to break up a demonstration over the death of teenager Jesus Huerta while he was in police custody in November 2013.

      Friday night, police were at the demonstration in patrol cars and unmarked vehicles as well as on motorcycles, bicycles and foot. At one point, they used a sonic crowd-dispersal weapon to break up a crowd at DPAC, and helmeted officers pressed a crowd away from the theater.

      “People are demanding changes in police practices and attitudes. Not outsiders. Not agitators. Durham residents and citizens,” Jarrett wrote.”

      Wise: 919-641-5895

      Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/12/06/4381883/police-say-explosive-device-found.html#storylink=cpy


      • Thank you for stopping by, Ms.(?) Beaudry,
        No brainwashing here; I cited tweets and news reports. Perhaps it’s your own biased point of view coloring your reading of my article.


    • Well, Again thank you for stopping by, Ms.(? Beaudry and sharing this. I hadn’t spotted that update, only Ms. Athens’s tweet reporting such an incident. Perhaps you should take up this change with her at ABC11?


  14. First, Feel free to tell us all what really happened that night because the pictures & video from News and Observer and other outlets apparently didn’t?

    Second, I twisted nothing. I reported items right from sources available to anyone of the public. I didn’t have to twist anything. People smashed windows, stopped traffic and made a general scene. That’s not peaceful protesting, that’s occupy style BS.

    Third, I pulled no one’s photo. That’s a screen grab from Carolina Plott Hound. People will believe what they wish; she was quoted. Perhaps you should speak to your daughter about her activities instead of tirading on those reporting them?

    Fourth, your daughter made herself a public figure when she went out, protested and was arrested for it. Being upset when people report on it is your prerogative.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  15. Charlene says:

    I am Adrienne Harreveld’s mother and would love to meet with you face-to-face, Lady Liberty, to show you the raw video footage and to tell you what REALLY happened that night. I will not sit back and allow you or anyone else to twist the facts to fit your conservative agenda. The fact that you pulled Adrienne’s photo from her LinkedIn profile and placed it directly above wording that leads people to believe she alone began a chant that led to a DPAC disruption and caused a riot is libelous.


    • Hugh says:

      Hi. I am an aspiring liberal and need your help. I am getting hung up with all of the lies by the left.
      Please tell me REALLY what is so appealing about voting for candidates that wag their finger in our collective face lecturing us that they did not have sex with that woman (only to find out….he did), lecture us that they are the most transparent Administration in history (they are the most opaque – per Ann Compton and other media talking-heads), lecture us that we can keep our doctor, insurer, etc. (2014 lie of the year), flat out lie that they are part Indian to reap the unjust rewards generously given to minorities (no Indian tribe supported that BS) and on and on…..
      If that is not enough, then we have one of the very people that helped inflict the damage of those very lies upon the rest of us, publicly, time and again, only to call those that supported them “stupid” (for simply supporting what they told us).
      How can I become a liberal when I know the above are all facts? Please help me so in the future I can support those that serially lie to me, only for them to later express that I am stupid for supporting them. I mean…I want to help the cause and everything but I don’t like being lied to and then called stupid. It’s just so confusing…maybe you can just tell me what you tell your daughter to make her feel…er…less stupid for supporting the left.
      Thanks for your help.


    • RedHotPoker says:

      so, you raised another lieberal skull of mush, right? figgers.

      ‘I can breathe fine. I follow the law’ (new Tshirt now available!)


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