#DM7: “Career Education” Is The New “Career and College Ready”?

This is a reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column:  “Career Education” Is The New “Career and College Ready”?


By A.P. Dillon

Over a year ago, NC’s Superintendent was made President Elect of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

Recently, the transition from President Elect to full President has occurred.

The CCSSO, if you are unfamiliar, is a D.C. trade group. The CCSSO is one of two D.C. trade groups who hold the copyright on the Common Core State Standards.

So, NC’s Superintendent is basically running the one of the heads of the Common Core cabal and trying to convince people she’s impartial while our state is attempting to dismantle the standards.  Our local media in North Carolina has yet to report this little conflict of interest tidbit.

Diving right into Atkinson’s big, shiny Presidency – From Politico:

NEW PUSH TO IMPROVE CAREER EDUCATION: North Carolina State Superintendent June Atkinson — also the new board president of the Council of Chief State School Officers — plans to make career education and economic development a priority in her new leadership role at CCSSO. Career and technical education is an issue that’s personal for her, she told Morning Education. Atkinson used to be a business education teacher and she’s the former president of the National Business Education Association. She said she’d like CCSSO to work with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other economic development organizations to ensure that career education is a national priority. Atkinson was in D.C. on Monday to release new CCSSO recommendations [http://bit.ly/1tvKLuT] for states looking to boost career education. Forty-two states and D.C. have signaled their support.

Of particular importance to Atkinson is making sure students get career counseling and schools partner with local employers to build career pathways. She said she didn’t receive much help in either of those areas when she first entered the world of career education. “Ninety-two centuries ago, I had little if any career counseling,” Atkinson joked. “That continues to plague students throughout the nation and that’s something I’d like to see rectified.”


Initial Thoughts Looking at the statements From Atkinson via Politico

“Career Education” is the new term for “Career and College Ready”?

“New push”? No, this has been ongoing.

Looking at the history of changes in the state under Atkinson, a pattern can be discerned. She likes to follow the latest education fads. Well, “Technical careers” are now hot. Just ask the NC Governor. (Related read: Gov. McCrory Signs NC Up For ‘Workforce Academy’)

Dr. Atkinson is diving right into her new Presidency with a focus on ‘Career and technical education”.  Technical education has not dodged Common Core either, but it’s been a bit harder to pull it into the fold.

This alignment of Technical careers is happening though, and will continue to be a focus as more kids under Common Core will become eligible for the ‘2 year non-selective college’ that the standards promise for them.  This renewed focus might be aimed at addressing the estimated increase in drop out rates the Core will be causing.

Now, consider that North Carolina taxpayers are spending an estimated $150k per High School Diploma with the likely end result being that ‘2 year non-selective college’.  Businesses are getting their workers but are taxpayers getting their return on investment? Are students? Doesn’t seem so.

The second bit in the Politico snippet, where she talks about career pathways and counseling? Those things exist already in North Carolina and have for some time.

Bringing in businesses to dictate skills for those pathways? That too already exists and has been going on since 2009.

One might suspect that someone down the road will hurt their arm patting themselves on the back for something they already had in the bag for quite a while. (Related read: NC Ready for Success Pt 4)


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