#DM7 Article: There’s A Lot Of Weapons Grade Stupid Out There

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy column: There’s A Lot Of Weapons Grade Stupid Out There

By A.P. Dillon

Maybe it is age creeping up on me, but I can’t help but feel there as been an increase in the level of dumb stuff going out there in the world.  I can’t help but feel at times that the movie Idiocracy is really a documentary — or at least will be treated as one in not so distant the future.

There just seems to be a lot of weapons grade stupid out there these days and I’m not just talking about Common Core math.

There’s all kinds of stupid, mind you.

Like a former White House fellow suggesting that journalists should have their personal lives put on display; essentially blackmailing the press.
Too late. Some of the powers that be have already been down a very similar path.

Then there’s the stupid seen in the increasing feminist assaults on anything that might have a hint testosterone in it.

Just take a look at this lunacy – a man who helped land on a comet gets assaulted by feminists who say his shirt is sexist.  Not kidding. This happened.

The story then becomes the guy’s shirt and not the feat of landing a probe on a comet.  A FREAKING COMET!  Voila, #shirtstorm is born!

These women have serious priority issues and apparently incurable tunnel vision. My God, this made me embarrassed to be female. But wait, it got worse.

The man then apologized for his shirt.
Excuse me?
The apology should be TO him, not FROM him.

Related to #shirtstorm, we have a large kettle of stupid brewing over men growing beards.

Apparently, ‘beard culture’ has arisen despite men having grown beards since the dawn of time.  Now, brace yourself because the stupid gets stronger here. Not only is ‘beard culture’ considered toxic, it is part and parcel of being ‘Lumbersexual’.

I hear you asking it. WTF is ‘Lumbersexual’? I just can’t go there without laughing, so I refer you to Twitchy and Brandon Morse:


I found that Brandon’s timeline on Twitter is a wealth of information on the amount stupid flowing out there.  Morse has everything from PETA stealing and killing a family’s pet  to Topless feminists shoving crucifixes up their butt to protest God in his timeline.

Moving on…because if I don’t, I might lose it before I wrap this article up.

Finally, there’s stupid and then there’s dumbstruck.  If you’re an American voter, you might be too dumb to understand this portion of the article. Read slowly.

Just ask Bob Scheiffer about Jonathan Gruber.

Don’t ask Nancy Pelosi or President Obama though, they’ve never heard of this guy Gruber. According to President Obama, he just heard about Gruber’s comments and this guy Gruber never worked on his staff.

Got that? None of it matters, the guy wasn’t on Obama’s staff. Weak.

Well. come on now…Give him a break, guys!  He’s the President of the free world and he needs time to catch up on the news of what’s going on with his own signature law.  The President has made it clear he gets most of his information from the press. Let’s help out with some headlines:

Dear America,
Stupid is as stupid does.  Right?



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