N&O Op-Ed Skips Mention Of “Strategic Plan” Cost

Isn’t that special? A nice rah-rah article drawing attention to the costly “strategic plan” for Wake County Schools. Where was this kind of press for the Superintendent’s ‘listening’ forum earlier this year? Oh, that’s right — you didn’t want parent input then because it would have looked like this at every stop.  Same thing applies to the “Large District Superintendent’s Consortium” which is deciding what is best without public input and of which Wake’s Superintendent is a member of.

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Opening paragraph — get your rose-colored glasses on, folks:

“What would make more than 700 people gather on a Wednesday night to sit at small tables and talk about their aspirations for public education?” – News and Observer

How about parents who watched Common Core destroy their children and force teachers into scripted lessons that are based on fundamentally flawed experimental standards who want to make sure you’re not trying to pull a fast one again?


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