NY Ed Officials Used Common Core Math To Tally Opt Outs?

Some education officials in New York are blaming a ‘coding error’  in their database for the reason why they only reported that 1,925 students opted out of Common Core tied Math and English language exams this past Spring.

The real numbers? 26,949 skipped the Math. 22,656 skipped the English. That’s one heck of database coding error.

State Education officials were scrambling to determine Friday why test data appeared to show more than 20,000 city students did not take math and English exams.

The perplexing numbers, which the city disputed, revealed 26,949 kids were no-shows for state math tests and 22,656 skipped the English Language Arts exam. The figures were more than triple the previous year’s numbers. State officials suspect there was an error in the way a large group of city students were coded in the state database of third- through eighth-graders who took the tests.
NY Daily News


Related: NY Post –  Dept. Of Ed adjusts Common Core Proficiency Thresholds

State officials touted increases in scores on tough Common Core exams this year but failed to reveal that they had lowered the number of right answers needed to pass half the exams.

The state Education Department dropped the number of raw points needed to hit proficiency levels in six of the 12 English and math exams given to students in grades 3 to 8, officials acknowledged.

“The reason that occurs is because the tests are slightly harder,” Deputy Education Commissioner Ken Wagner told The Post.

Student scores plunged on last year’s statewide 3-8 tests — the first based on the new Common Core standards. Before the 2013 exams, a panel of 95 educators decided how many points, or correct answers, students had to get to demonstrate proficiency.

But the point cutoffs were tweaked after this year’s tests. The state and its testing vendor, Pearson, found six tests were harder and four easier this year than in 2013, Wagner said.

If you buy Wagner’s explanation, I have ocean front property in Kansas to sell you.

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