NEA Calls For Arne Duncan To Resign

Well, it appears the California Teachers Association has possibly forced the latest resolution demanding Arne Duncan Resign at this year’s July 4th NEA meeting. Resolutions calling for Duncan to resign have happened before and did not pass.

The resolution is likely a move stemming from the Vergara decision, which in a nutshell said that California teacher tenure, firing and disciplinary procedures violate children’s right to an adequate education. Statements from California Teachers Asssociation’s President seem to back that theory up:

Dean Vogel, the president of the CTA, said in an interview that his members have made clear their opposition to the Department of Education’s support for expanding charter schools and tying teacher evaluations to student test scores. “Vergara was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he said. “The Secretary’s response to the Vergara verdict—it was just shameful. And it underscored his lack of understanding.” – EdWeek

Not mentioned: Common Core.
High stakes testing increases under Common Core. Implementation has been largely a catastrophe and even years after the first states started using it, large numbers of parents are still unaware of the standards or testing linked to them. Polls are finding the more parents are finding out, they more they reject the standards. Testing is a factor in that.

Arne Duncan is not well liked by many – especially by”white suburban moms”.

ArneDuncan war on moms meme
He’s championed Common Core before anyone knew what was in it. Arne knew  what was in there though.

Private outfits like Achieve, Inc., The CCSSO and the NGA were creating what he legally couldn’t and Bill Gates supplied the cash.

The NEA’s resolution would carry more weight if they came out and acknowledged the disaster the testing has become is directly linked to Common Core.  Instead, the NEA seems to be opting for tacit approval and fence-sitting.


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