Duncan On Jindal PARCC Withdrawl: Flip Flopper

ArneDuncan war on moms memeArne “White Suburban Moms” Duncan’s response to Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal pulling his state out of the PARCC testing tied to Common Core should be bronzed. It’s a priceless instance of a proponent of Common Core politicizing the debate. Duncan called Jindal a flip flopper.


From the embedded Daily Caller article in my tweet:

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has hit back at Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, saying the governor’s newfound opposition to Common Core s is built purely on political opportunism.

In an appearance on “CBS This Morning,” Duncan accused Jindal of thinking less about the best interests of children and more about 2016.

“Gov. Jindal was a passionate supporter [of Common Core] before he was against it,” Duncan said. “That situation is about politics, it’s not about education. And frankly that’s part of the problem.” Duncan also emphasized that, despite support from the Department of Education, Common Core is a “state-led initiative” that was voluntarily adopted and not forced onto states.

That last bit there about “state-led” made me snarf my coffee. Anyone still believing that line can come see me about a bridge I have for sale.

So, anyway —  you got what that statement was about right? Arne Duncan, who is making this change of course by Jindal political, is accusing Jindal of the same thing. A politicizing and shutuppery combo!  

The other side of this is that the top education official with the federal government is openly criticizing a Governor for acting in the best interest of his state by leaving a consortia that is tied to said education official’s department via federal grants. Bobby Jindal just had a Winston moment and Duncan wants him to pay for it.

Duncan is questioning Jindal’s sincerity in his chance of course. Mr. Duncan should be reassured, Governor Jindal is quite serious about withdrawing from PARCC — which by the way, is the total right thing to do. These testing consortiums are the backdoor to keeping Common Core if states try to pull out of the standards. This applies to NC. We MUST withdraw from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC).

Mercedes Schneider has the heart of the  Jindal/PARCC story. She provides three separate documents showing Jindal’s thoroughness and resolve in dumping PARCC. In her closing, she talks about the current Louisiana Superintendent White and  Governor Jindal basically playing tug of war over PARCC. White thinks Jindal doesn’t have the authority, but ultimately indeed the Governor does:

So, what we have is Jindal serious about removing Louisiana from both CCSS and PARCC and White stating that Louisiana will remain in both CCSS and PARCC.

Which is it?

It appears that Jindal has solid legal footing for nixing PARCC assessments in Louisiana. I also think White is in a corner with both having to produce a PARCC MOU requiring purchase of PARCC (which he told the House Appropriations is not the case) and, especially, White’s being audited over PARCC spending.

As for canceling CCSS, Jindal is the only remaining signator on the CCSS MOU signed with NGA and CCSSO (Pastorek was the other signator). So, it seems that Jindal can remove us from CCSS. BESE did vote to approve CCSS in 2010.




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