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Common Core Supporters Come Full Circle on ‘Politicizing’ Talking Point

And the common core supporters have come full circle​ with their “politicizing” talking point.

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Duncan Plays His Last Card: Politicizing

Over the course of the last few months, proponents of Common Core have accused the opposition of ‘playing politics’, turning Common Core into a ‘political football’ , ‘being against this White House’ and being ‘against this President’.

All of this falls under the umbrella of politicizing the debate. This politicizing the debate on education is nothing more than a tactic employed to silence opposition. It’s the last card played in this debate and others. It means the other side is desperate; they can’t defend the standards. It means proponents are losing the messaging war. It’s shutuppery.
It means we’re winning.

White Suburban Politican Arne Duncan just flopped down the politicizing card.
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan sternly admonished Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin for signing a bill to repeal the controversial Common Core education standards in her state.

Both Indiana and South Carolina have also opted out of the state standards backed by the Obama administration after initially adopting them. But Duncan’s fire was aimed at Fallin, the chairwoman of the National Governors Association, the organization that helped develop the standards.

“The Oklahoma example is a pretty interesting one,” Duncan said during a White House press briefing Monday. “Let me give you a couple of facts. I think sadly, this is not about education. This is about politics.” – The Blaze

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Common Core Shutuppery Theme: Politicizing

Over the last few weeks since the North Carolina Common Core legislative study committee (LRC) released their findings, which included a bill to replace the Common Core, we’ve heard sound bite after sound bite from supporters that all contain a theme: Politicizing.

I took one egregious and hypocritical offender to task but wanted to revisit it after I found more video of her comments. I’m talking about Rep. Cotham. At the final meeting of the LRC, Rep. Tricia Cotham (who is a member of Common Core LRC) decided to grandstand and fluff her political feathers while simultaneously degrading the parents and citizens who spoke out against Common Core to the LRC. Continue reading

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Sen. Stein Politicizing, Giving Misinformation On Common Core

At a panel discussion hosted by Public Schools First NC on May 3rd, several legislators were on hand to discuss teacher pay and Common Core. Democrat State Senator Josh Stein upheld the tradition of ‘politicizing’ and ‘misinformation’ that the opposition of Common Core has come to know all too well. Memo to those doing the actual politicizing here: NC Replacing Common Core Means Leading, Not Following.

We’ll get to Public Schools First NC at the end of the article. First let’s look at what was said. WRAL, to their credit this time, explained a bit more about the commission to be formed, that the brand name Common Core is currently in our state statutes and in a way, corrects Senator Stein. The relevant portion is below; emphasis added is mine.

As for Common Core, Stein said he expects the legislature to abandon it.

“There is a great deal of misinformation. First, it’s not a curriculum. It’s a set of standards about what we expect students to know each year,” Stein said. “Second, it’s not a federal initiative. Third, it’s extremely popular with teachers. When you roll out a new program you expect kinks. You work through them.”

A student committee on April 24 approved a proposal to move North Carolina away from Common Core.

Although the bill does delete legislative language referencing Common Core standards, it does not take them out of play right away. Rather, the measure would create an Academic Standards Review Commission to develop standards “tailored to the needs of North Carolina’s students.”

The commission would be part of the state Department of Administration, not the Department of Public Instruction. It would be instructed to finish a first run at revising the standards by 2015, in time for the 2016 legislative session.

The revised standards would go to State Board of Education for approval, but if lawmakers don’t agree with the board’s position, they could override it and enact new standards themselves.

Now, let’s break Stein’s comment down. Continue reading

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NC State Rep. Cotham’s Politicizing Of Common Core

Yesterday at the final meeting of the NC General Assembly’s Common Core LRC, a report and draft bill were introduced that removes Common Core from the state statutes and details a commission to be set up to replace the Common Core over the next one to two years.

President Elect of the CCSSO, June Atkinson, who is also NC’s State Superintendent, was absent from this meeting but lent her opinion in a press release. Her absence wasn’t a big issue since Rep. Brandon and Rep. Cotham took up what arguably could be considered a similar line of attack. The word “politicizing” was the big theme. My thoughts on their performances: Continue reading

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Butler High School Shooter and Victim Identified

A student shot and killed by another student at Butler High School yesterday in North Carolina’s Charlotte Mecklenburg County School district has been identified.

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