Who Wants To Keep Your Kids Tied To Common Core At #NCGA?

Yesterday, HB 1061 passed the House. The Chamber of Commerce Core was there making noise and fear mongering hoping to kill the bill. Did it work? Who wants to keep our schools and children prostrate to two D.C. trade groups and to a flawed, experimental set of standards?

Who voted no to HB 1061?

Representative(s): Adams; Alexander; Baskerville; Bell, L.; Brandon; Carney; Cotham; Cunningham; Earle; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Floyd; Gill; Glazier; Goodman; Graham, C.; Graham, G.; Hall, D.; Hall, L.; Hamilton; Hanes; Harrison; Holley; Insko; Jackson; Lucas; Luebke; Meyer; Michaux; Mobley; Moore, R.; Pierce; Reives; Richardson; Terry; Tine; Tolson; Wilkins; Wray

Every single one of them is a Democrat.
The only Democrats voting for HB 1061 were Brisson; Queen; Waddell.

Looks like the very people complaining about “politicizing” the standards have just drawn their own “politicizing” line in the sand… right over our children and their education.  Common Core opposition should be prepared to be called racist here in NC. From yesterday’s vote, Rep. Brandon playing the Obama card:


Flashback: Senator Parmon implies ya’ll are racists because if you oppose Common Core then you oppose Obama:


Those voting FOR HB 1061 should be applauded and thanked. Please take the time today to call or email them. Below are those voting AYE:

Republican Representative(s): Arp; Avila; Bell, J.; Blackwell; Blust; Boles; Brawley, R.; Brawley, W.; Brody; Brown, B.; Brown, R.; Bryan; Bumgardner; Burr; Catlin; Cleveland; Collins; Conrad; Daughtry; Davis; Dixon; Dobson; Dollar; Elmore; Faircloth; Ford; Fulghum; Hager; Hardister; Hastings; Hollo; Holloway; Horn; Hurley; Iler; Jeter; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Lambeth; Langdon; Lewis; Malone; Martin, S; McElraft; McGrady; McNeill; Millis; Moffitt; Moore, T.; Murry; Pittman; Presnell; Ramsey; Riddell; Ross, S.; Saine; Samuelson; Schaffer; Setzer; Shepard; Speciale; Stam; Starnes; Steinburg; Stevens; Stone; Szoka; Torbett; Turner; Warren, H.; Wells; West; Whitmire; Younts

Democrat Representatives: Brisson; Queen; Waddell


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