Teacher Pay Flier, Signage At A CMS Elementary

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Yesterday, two photos were sent to me regarding Olde Providence Elementary school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district. These photos had to do with the state of teacher pay in North Carolina and the use of Olde Providence school’s main front sign and a flier sent home with students.  More activism involving our kids? It would seem so.

I have reached out to the Principal of Olde Providence for comment and will update accordingly with any reply received.

The sign in front of Olde Providence reads “Did you know NC ranks 46th in the country in
teacher pay?”  

What a lovely way to greet elementary students who have no idea what this sign is talking about nor have any context for it.

The other item was a flier, which I have shots of at the bottom of this post. The top reads “Get on the bus and support raises for our teachers”.  It opens up with talking about how teachers at Olde Providence are working 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet. It then proceeds to talk about how it impacts your child in a rather slanted manner. It’s rather a manipulative letter in that is does not provide the full picture and well, it came home with the kids. For example, it even mentions NC used to be 25th in pay in 2008 and are now 46th, yet fails to mention Governor Perdue FROZE teacher pay in 2008.

There is an asterisk after that 2008 pay statistic and it says that information was provided by MeckEd and the hashtag #OnTheBusNC. Check out the toolkit for yourself. Oh good, another non-profit with ties to the Chamber of Commerce and big business  like Bank of America, Belk and the left leaning Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. The mission for MeckEd seems to be that of pushing “career and college ready” — that means Common Core. The only paid person at this 501(3)c seems to be the President, Bill Anderson, at 140k and it looks to have pulled in over 680k 2012. That’s a lot more than teachers make.

After a quick search, I found the toolkit page for #OnTheBusNC. Click the toolkit link there and you are treated to a front page that says “Children above Politics“. Incredible hypocrisy since they just used kids to ferry these fliers home.   Upon inspection, MeckEd seems to get their info from the NY Times and the National Association of Educators.

The contact on the pink flier is Kate Usian with an email address of KateUsian@gmail.com.  I didn’t see this person listed in the staff at the school or MeckEd, so perhaps they are PTA or just a parent. Either way, parents unhappy with this coming home with their child ought to reach out to Ms. Usian. I would.

The content was not particularly shocking – support teacher raises. What disturbed the citizen who sent it to me is that it came home in her kid’s backpack. Sounds familiar.  When are these schools going to get it through their heads our children are not couriers for their complaints about their jobs?  Would it be OK if a parent wanted to distribute Common Core opposition materials in the kids backpacks? Use the school’s front sign to read “Stop Common Core”? NO, it wouldn’t be. That would be inappropriate and so is this.

The photo was small, so I had to blow it up into to sections, top and bottom. There is overlap on one question to show it is the same flier.

Top Portion:



Bottom Portion:


The flier, in a nutshell, is asking the parents to write commissioners and legislators for a 3% increase, not unlike that asked for by Wake County’s Superintendent. That raise in Wake county is estimated to require an increase in taxes for residents of about $200 a year.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg is one of the largest school districts in the state and it’s Superintendent, Heath Morrison, is on the Large District Superintendent Consortium along with Wake county’s Superintendent, Jim Merrill.  These two districts currently have the highest supplemental pay rate in the state. Char-Meck’s average supplement in 2013 was $6,376. Wake’s was $6,318. All teachers in both districts took the supplemental pay.

By the way, this Large District consortium has been active in trying to promote keeping Common Core for seven years at a minimum. They have, in essence, created a power block — or a better term might be power clique. Reminder: Common Core is estimated to cost NC over $642 million in the next five years and those costs do not include teacher compensation.




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